Cheap fashion ballet pumps

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  1. Are these a definite no no, or can they be worn and then thrown? I wear cheap shoes to work sometimes but am concerned they look cheap!!
  2. It's really down to personal choice and comfort, more money doesn't always mean better. So if your happy with cheaper shoes then that's fine :smile: personally I have a whole range of cheap to mid to high end to suit my needs. It's really down to personal choice.

    I would add that sometimes it's worth spending more on one pair that last year's than less on several over the year.
  3. ^agree.

    I have cheap shoes that I love too. If they make you happy and they're suitable for your needs, then go for it! :biggrin:
  4. Agreed! I have shoes in every price range. Wear what you like. Don't worry about the price tag. :smile:
  5. OP I am a lot like you. I prefer to wear cheap comfortable designs to work. My go to stores for these are Zara and Target. Usually on the weekends (and Fridays) my designer items come out to play. My rule is I wear what is appropriate for my environment and I'm comfortable in. Hope this has helped :smile:
  6. I donno about flats but I have some cheap heels I wear if I know there gonna get ruined at like a club or something and I just don't care about them but I swear my feet wind up smelling way more when I wear cheap heels so I'd guess its the same for cheap pumps?