Cheap epi lilac

  1. The lv symbol looks funny on the first one.
  2. are they authentic?
  3. I was watching the first... asked the seller about the date code. She said, the bag does not have one :hrmm:
  4. so that's a no, right?
  5. cute!
  6. Think so.
    Maybe she just couldn't find it, but I asked twice... :amuse: The Jasmin has the code in the inner pocket, I think. But she said, there is no code. She wanted to get a proof from her LV-store today, but the auction ended yesterday, so I did not bid...
    If you like the Epi style in lilac, maybe this one is sth. for you:
    The seller is good!
  7. Hey GerGirl,
    Thanks for pointing that out. However, the listing is in German.... Could you translate some of them for me??? Does it say how long she has it for and where she bought it from??? Does it come with dust bag and tags???
    Also, does she ship oversea? Thanks:amuse:
  8. Sure:

    The bag was never used, but it's without receipt. She doesn't say, when it was bought, but it sounds as it's an "older" one sitting in the closet unused :amuse:
    She ships worldwide and you can ask for additional pictures. I added her as a favourite seller, because she often sells lovely bags and ALWAYS authentic, take a look at her other auctions and her feedback. She's very kind, too - if you have any questions, ask her, she's very helpful and friendly.
  9. ^^^^Thanks a bunch