Cheap designer hybrids

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  1. ok, so i was looking for xmas gifts for my mom and sister. i was going to go a little more expensive and get each a coach or juicy bag, respectively, but i was in aldo the other day and saw this fire engine red bag that looked like a mix between a balenciaga hook bag and marc jacobs hudson.

    usually hyrbid bags make me :throwup:, even past hudson-hook hybrids ive seen have made me sick, but this one was actually nice looking, and the leather + coloring was really nice. i also think my sister needs a nice red bag. not to mention this bag would allow me more $$ to spend on other people for xmas presents. i wish i could find a pic online but havent been able too :sad:

    do you guys think hybrids are just as bad fakes, or if done right are they ok to buy?
  2. Gosh, I have not heard the work 'hybrid' used to describe bags but I am assuming that you mean no brand name look alikes. These are not fakes but 'inspired' bags. If that is the case, and you have seen one you like, go with it!
  3. I'm not an expert but it seems to be that there is a HUUUUUGE difference between faked name brand bags and bags with "no name" (so to speak) that are inspired by the big names. Full copies are just wrong. Inspiration? Well, it probably isn't for everyone but I don't think there's anything wrong with it.
  4. i think if they're done right, it's ok! :P
  5. In several previous threads, there was some very thoughtful discussion on the fact that everything made by humans is Inspired by something. :smile:

    Thus the question is whether you think that the intended recipient will like the bag. If you know them well enough to have an idea of what is in their closet, then YOU can be Inspired by that, and consider whether the bag will go with some things they already have!
  6. I think you mean a hybrid is like, a marc jacobs bag and a balenciaga having a baby, yes? I haven't seen it so it's up to you but if it's good quality and well made I give you my blessing

  7. Lol! I love the way you said that!

    But yesss...I think that's what hybirds are. A mix of two?
  8. yes, thats what i meant :smile:

    my sister really isnt into designers as much as me, her only designer bag is an LV mongram pochette, and she rarely carries that. she's values style over labels (i value them equally :P) i always thought a balenciaga or marc jacos bag would be good for her, and i think this mj-bbag love child from aldo looks nice enough for the occasion.

    thanks for your help everyone! :yahoo:
  9. A-lot of brands do it. I am not crazy about it, but if you like the bag and you think your sister would like the bag, go for it!!!