Cheap Dayglo bags?

Hi there Lambers, im kinda new here, since last week... but maybe most of me know me from LJ. Well, i'm Bonny from the Netherlands, EU...(hard to be a lamber out there hahaha)

Well my friend Ellen (she is Dutch, but in Washington a yr as an au-pair)
got kinda hook-ed up to LAMB after i asked her to check out
marshalls/tj maxx for me...

and now she is looking for a williamsfield in DAYGLO print

but on ebay they still kinda ask 100+ for it (wich is not bad..)
and from what i remember i think ppl saw them in nordstroms rack or so?
do you know what prices they had there?
would be lovely to help my friend find a cheap williamsfield to
pass on the LAMB love! hahaha!


May 6, 2006
San Antonio, Texas
I've seen Dayglo on clearance at Off 5th in the last month or so. They're also an additional 40% off. I know Brian got the Worthington for his niece and I think it only cost around $70. If your friend has an Off 5th near her, have her check there first. Good luck!