Cheap Dad and Gucci

  1. I need your help. I want to ask my Dad to buy me a Gucci bag this year for Christmas, however he's cheap. I have no idea which bag to ask for. I don't want to give him a heart attack,though. I definitely would like a handbag not a wallet or small leather good. Any ideas?? Please help me.

  2. First go to and look over the different styles., find what you want, and, Saks will have a sale in December, probably Gucci will have a sale too., give a hint to Dear Old Dad of which one you like., I don't know where you live since different stores have their sales at different times, but down here in Florida, November/December have sales. Also, the outlet stores for Saks and Neiman's also have gucci bags on sale, if there is one near you, you can go and see what they have, get acquainted with one of the SA and have them call you when sales are on or when they get aNy Gucci's., a good SA, either at a Department Store or at the Gucci Boutique is your best way to get in on a good sale., good luck!
  3. Gucci stores go one sale at the beginning of December, so you can take you dad to the sale and see which one you like!
  4. is an option!
  5. I sent my cheap Dad my list, which included a Gucci bag. So far he didn't say no. Just ask how much and which bag I wanted. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

    Good luck to you!
  6. justify your purchase!

    if anything else you can ease him into it, first take him over to chanel or hermes before going to gucci!

    i'm sure he'll be relieved that you'd want a gucci bag instead of a birkin ;)
  7. Same with both my parents. I have never asked them to buy me a bag for xmas, they already give me enough flack for buying them myself.

    What I would do: (I tried this at a car dealership and it worked LOL)

    Drop hints, and then drag him to the store to just "browse". But then when you spot the one you really like, start "OOH-ing and AAH-ing" and then have an SA talk about the bag and then double team him and convince him that its perfect for you and that you'll carry it forever. GOOD LUCK! LOL

  8. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: That sounds like a perfect way to ease the blow!