Cheap cute bags

  1. What are your favorite new/cheap bags? Anyone know of any new designers out there? :yahoo:
  2. My favorite cheap brands are Betseyville by Betsey Johnson and Kathy van Zeeland for trendy purses. I like ANA found at JCP for purses more structured bags.
  3. At the $100-$150 price: Pendleton (love the Indian blanket wool), J.Jill (love their soft leather), and Betsey Johnson (quirky and fun).

    At the under-$100 price: Caribbean Joe (love the bright floral canvas), LL.Bean (love their backpack purses and their big canvas bags with lots of pockets), and Wilson's Leather.
  4. Thanks, I was hoping for something you would find in a boutique. Like something that maybe a lot of people don't know of. Nothing that is sold to department stores. If you can think of any let me know!
  5. Tano has cute bags and they're no that expensive. They're only sold in boutiques!
  6. How cheap are we talking? Banana Republic bags are nice. They're only sold in Banana Republic stores. They're in the $100-$300 range, I believe. TJ Maxx is not a boutique, but it's not a department store either. They have a lot of nice bags at low prices. You can even get some well-known designers sometimes such as Coach, Dooney, Cole Haan, Via Spiga, Betsey Johnson, DKNY, Isabella Fiore and even the occasional Marc Jacobs! They also have a lot of gorgeous Italian leather bags made by these lesser known Italian leathergoods makers.
  7. Go to Urban Outfitters. You can find something there for under $60 that is very stylish. Then, once it's ruined you won't care if you have to throw it away.