cheap citta rosa ciao ciao with BIN

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  1. gah ... more temptation! lol

    Thanks socprof!! I totally have to check it out now :smile:
  2. haha. i have no life!!! grading and finals week makes me check ebay more than normal ;)

    i'd totally get it but i have two ciao ciao's and i want something smaller in citta rosa and i just bought a citta ciao and got a cita trenino as a gift.

    that's a lot of c's.

    not bad placement though, and for the price, not bad really!
    i paid 99 for my pirata ciao ciao. i'm so cheap.
  3. $99 for a ciao ciao is awesome!!

    lol it's okay .. when it comes to tokis getting it for cheap is a very good thing ..
  4. i need to stop looking! walk away. haha. must focus on moving.

    hehe. yes there is no way i'd have half the bags i have if it weren't for cheap, the closest i've paid retail is 132 for a zucca.
  5. omg that's awesome! I think I got most of my bags cheap ... two were gifts and others I got on sale or I had coupons for. The only ones I paid retail for were my l'amore zucca and spiaggia zucca from Pulse.

    I actually started thinking I shouldn't pre-order and should buy from Macy's instead cuz then I'd have coupons ... but there are certain styles my Macy's doesn't stock ... argh
  6. aw, i know.
    i imagine before the end of this collaboration i'll pay retail for something, i really want to get either another ciao or a zucca in one of the prints for sure, trasporto more likely ciao, and zucca more likely tutti.

    ahh! too many choices!
  7. Hrm .. trasporto ciao sounds good ...

    I've never owned a ciao but have always wanted one. My Macy's only sells ciao ciaos. Do I wanna pay retail for a ciao tho ? .. hmm By the time I decide it'll probably be too late to pre-order. Thank goodness I pre-ordered a vacanze ciao!
  8. i really love the ciao it's the best bag ever i thought zucca was and it is too, but a ciao is like the i can do anything with you kind of bag, it works well with teaching and walking lots of places not having to be concerned with it falling off your shoulders.
  9. I saw a girl with a citta rosa ciao yesterday and it looked like the perfect size. I thought "wow I need one!"

    Maybe I should email Casey right now ..
    and is anyone on the forum a doctor by any chance? My thumb on my right hand (well half my thumb) has been numb all day. It's like how you have 'pins and needles' and u can feel your hand and yet you can't at the same time. It's really starting to freak me out cuz it's been like that since I woke up this morning.

    But yeah .. back to topic ... ciaos seem very versatile!
  10. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! where was i when this was going on ??!?! i NEED a citta rosa ciao ciao! *goes in corner & cries&
  11. Do you type a lot? it sounds kinda like nerve is trapped (carpal tunnel)... try stretching out/massaging ur thumb and wrist; if you put the backs of ur hands together (like a reverse prayer sign) and it reproduces the sensation, u might want to consider wrist guards.... i'm "almost" a doc (less than a year to go) so it's not exactly a professional opinion yet. hehee...Hope it feels better soon!
  12. Thanks Moofia!! Yah I've been massaging my thumb and stretching it out. It's been 3 days now and most of my thumb is still numb. My dad thinks I was bitten by something while I slept but I don't see any bite marks. Ahh looks like I'll be going to the doc this week ..