cheap cheap mini agenda help!!!!!

  1. hey guys a friend of mine wants to seel me her mini pocket agenda in monogram canvas and she wants 35 $ :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: the agenda is very well kept I wanted to ask to the people here that owns it ...
    is it a nice piece to get ??? could I use it as a small small wallet ? like for bills and cards? hope u reply :flowers:
  2. Seems to good to be true...are you sure its real?
  3. Yes I am sure 100% is the real thing :yahoo:
  4. wow hell yea I would buy it! Even if it was an LV piece that I didnt like I would still buy it for $35!!!! hahaha. go for it! Lets see pics when you get it:yes::P
  5. :yahoo:
    yes I will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pictures soon ..........
  6. Don't want to ruin your fun, but are you sure it is real? I agree with Twinkle, it sounds to good to be true.
  7. shoot. I almost bought a dust cover for $30.00; DEFINATELY buy the agenda...
  8. Wow, congrats that's a great price!
  9. I think just the refill cost me $40.00
  10. its a great deal! the mini agenda's retail price is very low to beign with ($180.00 now but cheaper before the price increases)
    how old is it?
    you could use it as a card holder and put folded cash in the pocket
  11. yes well I know it is 100% real I have seen it
    she told me she wants to sell it because she never uses it
    I wonder is there enough place for bills cards some small papers?
    I am happy guys :roflmfao:
  12. I think she bought it 1 year ago