Cheap, cheap, cheap....

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  1. No....not a bird and not 'inexpensive'....

    This is a personal pet peeve of mine. Why do they charge $3.3k for a Fendi Spy (perhaps my least favorite bag anyway) but they only put the detail on ONE SIDE!? I have no problem with pockets on one side of a bag or different details on different sides of the bag, but if you are going to spend this kind of dough on an embroidered bag, don't you think you deserve TWO WHOLE SIDES?!

    Rant over.


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  2. Well, maybe they didn't want the bag to be too showy...
  3. cheap skates! jk... I think the main issue is that the effort and craftsmanship that went into embroidering both sides would make it a good 50% more expensive. Or perhaps there is another reason behind it.

    Now that I think about it, most bags that I ever seen were single-sided with their patches, embroidery or other assets.
  4. Just my personal pet peeve. I, personally, would prefer less embroidery and have it on both sides. I don't want to feel like my bag has a right side and a wrong side.

    And honestly you REALLY think the price on a Fendi Spy is truly proportional to the amount of money they pay some woman to embroider?! I think the name and the marketing and the rest of the manufacturing takes up most of the investment.

  5. It's the name. Many bags you see ARE beautiful... but I guarantee you are paying for the designer name more so than the craftmanship.
  6. I dont know why they do that either lol. Interesting thought.
  7. My sister loves Fendi Spy bags. She's addicted to it...I like them...Not LUV them... But I do like their handles. It's super unique. :smile: Cool. :smile:
  8. The handle is the only part of the bag I like!


  9. But of course, the brand makes the majority of the price. But extra work would be a great reason to bump up the price another ridiculous notch, don't ya think? :Push:

  10. But how big is a 'notch'? If it takes the bag from $3.3k to $3.5k, I would prefer it. If it takes the bag to $5k, somethin' is wrong there....

  11. Does anyone knows if its at all still possible to get this particular bag anywhere?Are they all sold out?
  12. Personally I like that the bag has a front. Just like people have faces. (:lol: - Okay I know bags are not people!) IMO the bag still has the deco on the back so its not like it is completely blank back there. I think it would be a little too much if there was stuff on the back in the same design as on the front. Plus I dont want to have to worry about fraying when the bag is rubbing against my clothes as I walk.
  13. that pic is not soo no does nothing for me...the weaved handles are the best part of the is pricey has well...3.3k...I could get 2 Gucci boston bags maybe not quite 2 but close...the darn tax made an excellent point!!
  14. I think it would be far too busy if they did.
  15. I think that when you carry the bag if there is embroidery or beading on the backside it rubs against your body and is easy damaged, either there may be a loss of beads or the embroidery can get fuzzy...yes, it still happens on the face of the bag, but it is a constant rub for the back of the bag.