"Cheap" Cashmere Scarf?

  1. Hey guys - I have a cashmere burberry scarf that I love to death during the winter :love: - so much that I want more cashmere scarves :yahoo: ! BUT - I don't feel like spending another $200.00 plus on a scarf. Are cashmere scarves cheaper when they're not from Burberry? Where can I find solid colored cashmere scarves for "cheap"?
  2. I would suggest not buying any cashmere item for any price online. Cashmere is one of those things that you really need to be able to pet for yourself!

    Personally, I think your best bet for getting good cashmere today is either make friends with someone with a cousin who lives in the appropriate mountain village and owns the appropriate goats, or check vintage stores, in case somebody has been crazy enough to give away an article of the old-fashioned velvety-soft and squishy stuff. :smile:
  3. ITA ... cashmere is one of those things that you reallly need to be able to touch and feel.

    maybe you should check out banana republic or j.crew for cashmere scarfs they arent that pricy and are made of good quality too
  4. ^^^Yeah lol, I wasn't planning on buying online. Just wanted the heads up on where to find them.
  5. Try an off-price retailer like TJ Maxx, Off Fifth, Loehmann's, etc.

    Or if you can wait until after Christmas, I always see cashmere scarves for cheap at all the department stores.
  6. Macy's has some really soft cashmere scarves for $75-$98. They're Charter Club I believe. So soft! I was petting them last night when i was exchanging a North Face jacket.
  7. I just bought a cashmere scarf 2 weeks ago from J.crew.com. It went on sale for $40.