Cheap but good spaghetti?

  1. Hey y'all!!

    You all know how it is this holiday season. My coworkers and I are having a small Christmas dinner this coming friday. We will all contribute with the food and drinks and they have been assigned. I'm supposed to bring spaghetti! Now, I have to bring enough for about 15 people, and honestly, my budget is low given car payments and holiday shopping.

    Can anyone contribute with a cheap but yummy way of preparing spaghetti? We will be having roasted pork and mashed potatoes as main course and side, if that's any help.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas, ladies and gents!!
  2. I think would do something like Barilla wheat spaghetti with olive oil, minced fresh garlic and chopped parsley...
  3. Whatever you do, use Barilla pasta. I took a cooking class from a fabulous cook from Naples a few years back and she swore up and down by Barilla and that anything else is "McDonalds" pasta, meaning other common brands we can purchase in the states.
  4. does it have to be spaghetti spaghetti or can it be a pasta dish? if so there's a thread in this subforum for a baked pasta dish with ground meat that i've made multiple times that's super-cheap and really really yummy! :tup:
  5. I just made this today and it was really simple, light, and good. It's a Pasta Pomodoro recipe, quite tasty. I recommend Barilla pasta (I used the Capellini). Also, use fresh basil and grated Parmesan (not the one that comes in a green jar).
  6. Oh and to add... the recipe states that this is for 2-4 people, I think it makes more. And since you already have other dishes to be served... I would probably double this recipe, but no more than triple. Also, use twice the amount the garlic recommended. And don't be stingy with the Parmesan either.
  7. That would be good. I think you could add in a bit of Parmesan cheese, lemon juice, black pepper and a bit of the dried hot pepper and that would be good too.
  8. i made a big (pretty inexpensive) but very easy dish for my grandparents anniversary party....i used linguine, frozen shrimp, frozen mixed stir fry veggies (both defrosted to room temp) and made a sauce of equal parts butter & olive oil, fresh lemon juice, and garlic on the stovetop quick. i threw everything together in about 15 minutes flat and everyone there loved it! ohh and p.s. i garnished it with slices of lemon