Cheap bags on eBay

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  1. I thought I might post these up (sorry if people are already watching them!) but they're cheap and they're ending in the morning so people should jump on these!

    surprisingly this pirata canguro has no bids... it looks legit

    and the bianco doesn't get much attention (hence why I got my mom a bianco bv for $75 shipped) well here's another cheap auction that looks legit and it's only at $66.00 shipped right now

    here's a very cute adios star dolce that I'm semi-considering but it'd be better if the price rose and I end up passing on getting it... lol

    and lastly a foresta bella currently at about $83 shipped

    all of them end in the morning (less than 8 hrs from me posting this) and they all seem legit as well as really good deals... sure they might skyrocket but at the same time they might not :graucho:

    (ps. can you tell I'm bored tonight and again sorry if i ruin it for u if you were already watching these)
  2. Darn! I already have a foresta bella! :sweatdrop:

    Good luck with your dolce!! :tup:
  3. hehe i was looking at it too but nah they dont seem that enticing for me :P i got a foresta bella i need to get rid of haha! go to sleep tehlilone! :biggrin: im sure there are going to be snipers in the last minute:graucho:
  4. haha yeah... but u know when everyone snipes... one person wins at a really low cost a lot of the time lol

    I already have pretty much one of every print already so I'm pretty much set but I thought I'd toss these out there
  5. yeah well i wish that happened to me when i snipe haha..i usually lose unless i put a high max! must be that sniping program hahaha :P ..but nah im not looking for anything at the moment x.X...
  6. Nuts, I'd love a bianco, but not a BV bianco. :Push:
  7. Me too! Want it but not BV...thinkin about a Zucca but I only ever see them for full retail price :sad:
  8. oh man that bella sold for $68 :sad:
  9. wow i'm not sure .. but it does look like the same photo for both auctions.
  10. aww i should have bid on that dolce

    i got reminder notices and everything!!

    i have one dolce in amore cause im poor and cant get it in a ciao!

    but i dont have any adios star and that had a latte on it!!

    so thats why i wanted it!

    oh well
  11. I already reported the second auction for using someone elses photos. I had emailed the first girl to make sure that those pictures were the actual printplacement and not stock, and she said it was. I emailed the second seller to ask for pictures of the actual print & they said they would get back to me. Still waiting...

  12. Darn, I was watching that Dolce too! What a great price it went for ;)
  13. I don't know if these count as hard to find so I'm posting in my cheap bags on eBay thread again!

    I know there's probably another elizs out there but is this anyone on here? out of curiousity... I also don't know if anyone will see it but yeah... there's quite a few ending in less than 3 hrs that aren't really high
  14. Yeah, I think thats her, shes from indiana too!