Cheap B-Bag?

  1. I am dying for the part time B-Bag but the thing is i've only started my new job and I dont get paid very much, I can save up but no way will my parents let me buy a bag for hundreds of pounds. Is there anywhere I can buy a cheap B-Bag from? Out of London may be cheaper but where?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Tinkers, there is no such thing as a cheap B-Bag. Usually older bags can be even more expensive than newer ones, because they gain a lot of value for collectors. You can try second-hand or consignment shops, as well as the usual auction sites on Internet (if you have doubts about authenticity you can post questions in the Authenticate This! - thread). But even this way, you won't find really cheap B-Bags.
  3. You may luck out when some of the sales are posted in this section (although they do not happen very often). I have been lucky enough to get an ink box from Barneys and a black minibowling from Neimans at about half off retail. Just check back and give those retailers a call when they are posted. Good luck!
  4. consider what's more important at this point, Tinkers. much as i'd love to own my 2nd bbag, i have to be realistic about my current financial situation. which colour are you looking at? i've seen stock go out for colours i'd love to get, but there'll always be more each season, each year. you'll live, just as i have :yes:
  5. Tinkers: save up your money and wait for the sales. I believe some UK PF'ers have gotten lucky at Matches, Selfridges, Harvey Nics, and Crickets. BE might not be able to get a your desired color or style, but any B-bag bought on sale is a good deal.

    Check out eBay. About a month ago, on eBay, I bought an authentic S/S 2005 black City from a UK seller for about £421. Best of luck!