Cheap authentic perfume site

  1. I have been buying from for around 3 years now and they are great!

    I just recently purchased a 3.4 oz. bottle of Dolce & Gabbanna's Light Blue for $34.99 and the same size bottle goes for $80.00 at Macy's!
    Just thought I would put the word out there
  2. are these testers? how the packaging? thanks for the recommendation!
  3. My aunt and cousins shop there and swear by them. Many of the perfumes come boxed, but they also offer testers. They clearly mark what type it is in the description of the item. Some people think testers are better b/c they believe the perfume is stonger.
  4. Ooooh thanks for the heads up, now to make sure my perfume addiction doesn't get out of hand ! :biggrin:
  5. They sell testers and regular perfumes. The testers are full size, unused, brand new-the difference with the testers is that sometimes they come in only a plain white box, or without the regular perfume top.

    You don't have to buy testers though-they have the regular perfumes like you would buy in a department store. I buy testers from them a lot because I am just buying perfume for me-I don't need the fancy box. But, you can get the regular perfume in the original box and packaging if that is what you want.
  6. i heard testers are "stronger" is this true?
  7. I just got my latest delivery from I bought Drakkar Noir for hubby-that came in it's regular, as bought in a department store box.

    But, I bought D&G Light Blue for myself in a TESTER. it came in a white box with all the info on the outside-the box obviously came from Dulce & Gabbana-the printing is all in their script etc.-these are obviously made for department store testers. Inside the box is a full size (3.4 oz) bottle of Light Blue-complete with top and everything (I also buy my Elizabeth Arden Green Tea from them in a tester and that doesn't come with a top to the bottle)-so, who needs the fancy box?
  8. Nishi you won me over! i will be making a few purchases. thank you =)
  9. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Thanks for sharing Nishi! Where/How do they get all these perfumes so cheap?
  11. I also like

    They have good prices too, but come from Hong Kong and you have to be there to sign.

    Scentiments is great. I've been using them for years.
  12. thanks Nishi for the info...
  13. :shrugs:

    Thank you! They have all my favorites!