Cheap and used or new and expen$ive?

  1. So I've been debating the whole 'buying used bags' thing because I know I like my bags pristine :p

    My question is: Are you more inclined to buying a used bag at a cheap price to add to your collection, or are you picky like me and would wait it out and only buy expen$ive bags that are pristine and mint? :p
  2. You can find pristine used / preloved LV items. Some people collect LV and don't even use their LV. It might not as really cheap, but I always look for something in new like condition. My Cles I got from eBay, was new, the seller never used it. I saved money - and the money I saved, it felt good, because I was so happy with my Cles when it came. And it was authentic, and brand new looking, and never looked like it was used. I don't think I could buy anything thats really dirty - but thats just me.
  3. i buy used but I make sure the condition is great.. not all dirty with lots of wear.
  4. With my student budget, I can only afford to buy a few bags brand spanking new...I think I'll buy from the boutique more often once my income is raised!
  5. :cutesy: I buy new, in boutiques, which means my collection is much smaller than some but I like to make my own history with the bag. Not that I wouldn't buy used...I might. Nothing wrong with that!
  6. generally I buy from stores because I like the store experience. I prefer store buying, but if I could find a bag in NEW condition for less on eBay, I'd go for if I REALLY wanted it.
  7. I've bought one used bag. It was in awesome condition inside and out, almost brand new. It had a hideous smell. From now on, everything I buy will be new.
  8. I would like to be the first owner of all my LV. :balloon:
  9. cheap and like new for me. LOL
  10. IME used LV is not cheap. Yes, it's less money than new, but it's still expensive IMO.
  11. i prefer buying it from the boutique for authenticity reasons. but if you can find a great deal that would be awesome. i think it depends more on the condition of the bag if anything.
  12. ^ I agree it's not cheap. I buy both ways. Depends on who is selling it to me:yes:
  13. I like to buy both, used doesn't always mean cheap though, especially if you're buying a LE item.

    I bought a used speedy and then sold it cause I just felt like i needed a new one of the most classic style bag, and I wanted to watch it patina :biggrin:
  14. Depends on the bag. For me, I'd rather get the bag new from elux or the boutique if it's a current style. However if it's an older discontinued bag, I have no qualms about buying used, as long as the patina, if any, isn't too dark.
  15. Cheaper, used and in like-new condition is my preferred way to spend my money.