Cheap and Fabulous Purse Accessories: Here's Mine, Now Show Me Yours!

  1. The Cheap Bags Thread has become quite obese, so I decided to start a separate Cheap "Purse Accessories" thread to show you the ones I got a few weeks ago, and for you to show everybody your own favorites.

    Rolfs Accessories

    This particular company has been around for quite a while, and make very good quality things at very affordable prices.

    THIS is one of the best purchases I have ever made, from the standpoint of both price and practicality. I don't know about you, but the reality of my life no longer requires one of those big long-ass checkbook wallets. I haven't written a paper check in a store for close to 20 years now.

    But I seldom leave the house without needing to show, swipe or otherwise employ one card or another, so I just LOVE this! And it goes into even the smallest purses, being only a bit larger than the cards it holds:
    Rolfs Nostalgia card holder in wine $8.25

    The store's image is a bit dark, so I tried to fool with it to make the detail show more, and the color. It is a very neutralesque sort of wine, not unlike those eyeshadows between plum and brown. Only in bright sunlight does it give a hint of anything purple, and it goes so well with most brown bags that you could easily have gotten it specifically for them!
    And here is the matching cigarette case! $13.50
  2. [​IMG]
    Rolfs Nostalgia card holder in wine $8.25

    is nice!
  3. ShimmaPuff, thanks for the pics. That gorgeous cigarette case by Rolfs was a best-seller on ebags for ages but isn't available there now.
  4. I wonder how much ebags was selling it for. ;)

    the Rolfs website has some more cigarette cases, in case Boscov's doesn't, it looks like they (Boscovs) still have the Nostalgia one now, if they are out of it tomorrow then all will tremble at the Power of the Purse Forum :biggrin:
  5. I can't remember the exact price, ShimmaPuff but it was reasonable. Buxton wallets - have you seen or owned any?

    Off-topic question for you: Have you read "The Education of Hyman Kaplan" by Leo Rosten? A classic, IMHO. I borrowed it nearly forty years ago from the local library and regret returning it :smile:
  6. Oh thank you of reminding me of that book! I read it about 400 years before it was first published and loved it! There was a second one, too, Revenge of? Son of? Hyman Kaplan: The Fragrance? Anyway, it was great, too. I will have to look for it next time I happen to be visiting someone with an extensive private library where it is unlikely to be missed...

  7. I prefer to think of it as 'plump', or 'well covered'! ;) :lol:
  8. I got a leather pill box from Wilson's for $10.
  9. LOL Yes, I stand corrected. The cheap bags thread has become curvy. :P
  10. I have had one of those huge Rolf's wallets for years and I love it. Really nice quality, after carrying it for at least 7-8 years it still looks nice.
  11. I love my curves! So does this mean that all our little leather goods go here now? I have been trying to figure out who to order from in the UK for a few fun "little luxury" type gifts. I was thinking about grabbing some planners from Harrods for my mom and sister, and I REALLY like the little key-coin purses at Penhaligon's, expecially because of the CUTE little cologne bottle charm on them! So neat! Is this also where I can get some more of those stocking stuffer ideas? I need to get to ordering. It is drawing very near Thanksgiving and I wanted to have ALL my buying out of the way by then!:yes:
  12. Well I started to post the little Rolfs things in the bags thread but noticed that it had 15 pages, so especially since the management has very kindly indicated that they will let us have a subforum, making one for accessories just felt like the right thing to do!

    I realize there might be some overlap with the Holiday Gift Ideas thread, but people can link...

    And I love my curves too. I loved them at 175 about a year ago, and I love them now on the 120 days, the 125 days, and the 130 days. Because I am 5'2" it is now easier for me to do things like move around, and I have more fashion options, which I have been enjoying immensely, but I was never any less the packed Leo that I am now, never considered myself less fabulous, when I determined my size by counting Xs and owned a booty. :P
  13. certainly lost a lot of pounds! Congrats on that! How did you do it? Eating certain foods/avoiding certain foods/specific type of excercise? I think it is always neat to hear. I lost a ton of weight on low fat with higher carbs. The no/low carb thing does not suit me(and I am not a big meat eater, period) Oh, and sorry, I did not know there was a subforum.
  14. There isn't a subforum yet but in the feedback forum Vlad says he will make us one.

    And I already started a thread in the health forum about diabetes, maybe I will just post to that thread about weight loss at some point, there are some weight losers on there that are just soooo out of my league. I eat their dust. :smile:

  15. :lol: