Chaz, you missed this!

  1. Chaz - after your help re my eternity ring, here is the finished article! I absolutely love it, it's like having another ring. Thanks for your advice along the way....
    ring 2.JPG
  2. SJ - that is absolutely beauuuuutiful!!!! You lucky girl!!!!!
  3. Oooo,how beautiful!!! So glad you love it!!!! Its gorgeous!!! Lucky girl!! I just :love: diamonds!!!
  4. Very nice SJ !!!!!!
  5. I love that little flower formation, it´s great!:tup:
  6. Lovely Sarah Jane. :heart::heart::heart: Great that it arrived Valentines week.
  7. Now I don't want you all thinking that I've a romantic DH - not at all!
    The snowflake ring I bought when my Dad died so it's got huge sentimental value which is why I wear it on my wedding finger.
    The eternity ring looked completely different before and didn't sit well so I've just had it re-set. Cost as much as a new Mulberry bag but was def worth it!
    I wear my original solitaire diamond engagement ring on my right hand.
    Chaz was great and gave me lots of ideas when I was investigating re-setting.
  8. OOh it's lovely...
    This is an excellent site as everybody seems to "bring" something!
    Chaz also helped me with a couple of jewellery thanks Chaz.
    I managed to get the most beautiful ring..yes from eBay..for £600 and it turned out to be a Goldsmiths Millennium 1 ct diamond worth 4K...
    Another expensive hobby!!
  9. :love::love::yahoo:
  10. Oh, it is a beautiful ring. It turned out wonderful.

  11. Wow! What a fab buy - please post pics, would love to see it! I'm a total sucker for diamonds. I'm now thinking about asking my jeweller to source a heart shaped diamond which I can have put into a setting.