chaz re wet bacs

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  1. Chaz can you post a link to your soaking elgin bag pics in the chloe forum under a thread titled wet weather shopping they want to see them
  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^ Thanks riff you sweetie!!!
  3. I never get over those pics Chaz, every time I look at them my heart goes in my mouth.
  4. Completely mad!!!!! She's like a mad scientist!!
  5. I love those pictures. Made me finally relax about using the bags in the rain.

    Still really curious about what else she tests at home!
  6. ^^^^^^:roflmfao::roflmfao:
    Oh my, hope she doesn't have any lab rats in her basement!!:lol:
  7. Out of total boredom and curiosity,I have sprayed all sorts of things,nubuck boots,any other leather things I can lay my hands on really,and I have to say although its expensive stuff its more than worth the cost!!!
    I sprayed a pair of cowboy boots I got,and as I wear them in the rain,get splashed,in puddles etc cos they are lower to the ground they are bearing up better than great!!! I swear by the stuff!!!:tup:

    Nowe I need to train my lab rats how to use the cans so they can do it for me!!!:lol:
  8. Train the rats to run the vacuum and cook. More bench time for the mad testing!

    I used it on my boys' school shoes. Still looking presentable.
  9. I tried to get them to vacuum,but they made out it was giving them sore backs,so I gave up,their moaning and complaining was driving me up the wall,the cooking??? Hmmm,I'll have to get them asbestos coats and get 'em started on that!!!:tup: