Chaz, need your wise knowledge please!!!

  1. Hi Chaz, I was at a jewellery auction viewing today (by chance) and a pair of emerald earrings found the way into my heart! I have never ever thought twice about colored jewels and all of a sudden....I want one of every color!!! You know, like in the lolly shops where you would get one of everything (10 cents used to buy so much.....)!

    Anyway, irl, I have no intensions of buying these.....but for about 10 minutes I was sure they had my name on them. They were columbian emeralds, 7 carats total, pear shaped, with diamond halos and small line of diamonds that they hung from. Est price over $10, 000....well I am allowed to dream!!!!

    What can you tell us about these stones from your vast knowledge? They were very princess like, and definately not fot every day! They looked so beautiful on that even my h. didnt growl at me for wanting them, but he asked to see them with a loupe! And thats saying alot!:okay:.
  2. Hello!! Sorry I've been out quite a bit today and I've just got in!!!
    I think,and now always stand by this,if something touches your heart and senses that much that you instantly start working them into your finances and can imagine yourself wearing them,don't let them be the ones that got away.You spend longer regretting than deciding to re-sell them!!!

    Columbians are usually a prettier color,they are more a yellow green whereas African ones tend to be a cooler bluer green(this can be very pretty to a different audience,depends on your taste in colors really).Its also quite rare to find good ones as earrings as there is so little material of great quality its much harder to find a well matched pair.As ems are a relatively easily damaged stones,earrings are an excellent way of wearing them,as are pendants.But that is not to say they can't be worn as succesful engagement rings,they just don't have that 100 year plus durability of diamonds and are a little more restrictive in wardrobe choices for many girls.

    I do find that emeralds are often really brought to life by diamond accents,it really flatters and enhances the color of them.Maybe dangly ones are'nt for everyday,but small oval or round clusters can look extremely beautiful,then the center em does'nt have to be that huge and brings the price down to a more attainable option for many.Looking for pre-owned and in auctions can throw up suprisingly well matched pairs that will be almost wear free,if they are getting on for a good age it was probable that they were from an era where good em material was a little more available and easier to match as there was just more of it around back then.
    As for the price I think that your 10 k would equate to about 5k here in the UK, still high and would have to be a thoughtful purhase,but for 7cts it sounds very good.But I am guessing that they would have been examined by an in-house expert and are priced very competatively.Its actually always good to try and be-freind one of these people as they see so much and can give you very good inside information of what to look for when veiwing a prospective peice,and how rarity and desirability are affecting the prices on current market,as things go in and out of vogue quite quickly,its worth keeping up with these things.As some things go off trend you can get them at good prices,and if you like them it does'nt matter if they are'nt flavour of the month right now,they will be again.
    Anything I've missed or not covered for you,just post or pm me back and I'll sort out more info for you!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. Littlesharon, are you getting those earrings? Your h didnt growl at you so that seems like a good sign:graucho:
  4. Oh girls, its so nice having you as friends, one tells me about everything, and one ia a great enabler!!!! Big thanks!!!!

    Sometimes we need a bit of fun and fantasy, and `thinking` you are going to buy some amazing earings for 10 minutes is enough for me!

    The truth is, I have to know its something I will wear more than once a year. Otherwise its just too much money to have tied up in such posh jewellery. If Im going to spend $10,000 plus, it has to be something I would wear at leat a million times!!!!!!

    The earrings were new, but beautiful. They looked great, but in reality might be hard to match with all colored clothing????

    `If` money was no object, I probably would have got them just because!!!!! But its very interesting hearing about what they are as Ive never heard of columbian emeralds!!!!
  5. Oops! didnt mean to enable you Littlesharon :lol:LOL I just got a little carried away by your latest bling adventure:graucho:
  6. Darling Solitude, the enabling is the best part! Its no fun thinking of buying jewellery if there is no one there to cheer you on!!! please dont stop enabling me!:tup:
  7. I have dug out an old reference book that I kept has LOTS of fab pics,when my camera batteries have charged I will do pics.Unfortunately it does'nt have pics of typical inclusions in for me to do for you,I did have some in my old FGA notes.............and I have got this awful sinking feeling they got chucked out as we are moving very soon and having a clear out ready...........................................oh dear,I will have to rely on my memory!!! But I do seem to be able to 'dredge' up more than I thoght I could from back then,so having these info sessions is really keeping my brain in good shape!!!(even if it hurts a bit sometimes!!)xxxxxxxxxxxx
  8. Oooh,I have found out I have left my camera in Andys car,we were looking at houses yesterday,and while I was setting up the picture quality in the car before we went in,to take some sneaky pictures,the damn thing died!! So I left it in the car and forgot it was there!! So will have a project for tommorow taking pics,and Sol I found some good diagrams for old/modern cut diamonds for you so I'll do those too!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  9. Cant wait!!!!!:tup::yahoo:
  10. I am embarrased to admit that its still in Andys car!!!!!!!!!!!! We were negotiating on the house yesterday when he got in we were talking about it,I even came back on here after!!!!! And I think as I was using this as a distraction(something could be potentially very wrong with the house we want,movement or something,but a surveyor is going in today,the house had been on the market,went under offer,and came back on within a week or so,we were suprised and pleased,just thought the last sale had fallen through,but it turns out the buyer had a survey done and was really put off,it conflicted with the one the seller had done so the seller is having the most thorough survey you can get done,today!! So when we get results of that then we will know wether we are going ahead or not!!!)
    But,I have managed to get a few bits and bobs together to take pics of so hopefully it will be worth the wait!! oops!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  11. Chaz, good luck with the house....thats a biggie in the scale of things to buy!!!!:sweatdrop::tup:
  12. I know,its horrible at the moment,Andy is negoitiating really hard,he has just called me to say the estate agent has been in touch and its not as bad as first thought,it will need 'strapping'? at some point but will only cost thousands and not tens of! Our first offer has been rejected(I thought it would be) so Andy is back in the thick of it now as I'm typing this!! We really want the house,but it needs stuff doing to it such as a new kitchen,its all perfectly liveable,but some of the planning in it needs updating as its an old house so the spaces don't all make sense and work to its best! But long term it would blossom into a beautiful home and have plenty of space,we have so outgrown the little house we are in now.

    As soon as Andy calls me back I will give you an up-date!!xxxxxxxxx:s:push::sad: