Chaz, is it you that had the Ledbury??

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  1. My friend is looking for one and I wanted to ask what you think of it.
  2. I have a ledbury!
  3. No hun,I never had one.Being a mum with stuff to lug around,I have'nt really encountered the 'need' for one yet!! BUT I have to say,I do prefer shoulder bags as opposed to handhelds.......................I just got a lil Helier,sooooo that may change???
  4. I have one. Use it quite a lot when I not have the baby with me. But as it is that small it is actually alright to stuff it under the buggy to keep my things easy to reach;)! It is small but keys, wallet, small Filofax, coinpurse and some more smaller things is easily fitted in. (I have the older one without an inside pocket.)
  5. I have a chocolate one don't really use it as I prefer larger bags they are really sweet though
  6. I've got a chocolate one too. It's the perfect size if you don't carry too many thing and don't mind not being able to carry it on your shoulder. It's probably not the most 'useful' bag, but it's very cute.
  7. I totally agree :tup:
  8. I had one but it was just too small for me. Very cute to look at though.
  9. I have a black ledbury - really like it but definetley to use without baby :yes: