Chavvy? CHAVVY?!?!?!?!


Aug 9, 2008
I have just taken delivery of my new teal/marine milton shoulder bag - have been waiting in for UPS

Gleefully I went down the stairs, thanked the UPS man and indicated my deklight at getting my new bag... his response (albeit in jest) was
"Aah, but it's mulberry, it's chavvy, they're all the same!"

I jokingly said that it was anything but chavvy, he laughed and walked away. I can honestly say that is the only time I have EVER hear the words "chavvy" and "Mulberry" in the same sentence!:confused1:

Here's the bag BTW and matching purse (Shinyholic and I were thinking in tandem at the weekend!)


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Sep 20, 2008
haha, that title got my attention - and I think LMM is right, I think he's muddled Mulberry with Burberry lol.

Ah well, we all know better.

I was shopping in Boros months back, and was about to buy my black, and choc bays when the above mentioned type girl pushed past me and said 'like that bag', then loudly proclaimed 'wha..495 quid, nah I ain't having that expletive expletive', then walked off...and that was when the Bays were only 495!

And congrats btw, great pop of colour for summer!
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Tote Girl

Nov 25, 2008
There used to be a funny web site called which regularly featured "chavs" in their fake Burberry. I feel sorry for the company because for a while their reputation was tarnished. I have a Burberry raincoat and bag and wear them with pride with my black leggings and white stilettos:graucho:

Anyway Congrats, your Milton is super, a useful size to have.