chaussurewhore's red addiction!!!!

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  1. ok, sit back and view chauss' latest photo shoot with new star, rouge vif weekender :heart: , and supporting characters, christian louboutin red soled black mohair[​IMG]ohair platforms.....:supacool:
  2. more rouge vif...[​IMG]
  3. rouge vif sisters....[​IMG]
  4. OMG chauss that is one hella sexy shot!!!! wowwwwwwww;)
  5. ITA!!! You look incredible! Loooove your new Rouge Weekender!!! :yahoo: Your Louboutin's look hot, too!:heart:
  6. Nudie cutie!! LOVE the bag and you look great!
  7. yup, its a rouge vif weekender![​IMG]
  8. my eye, my eyes...i can't see....please someone, save no, save chassure.

    red bags, big bags, blond hair, heels....oh my

    p.s. you look hot.
  9. chauss' signature weekender pose...this time, its with rouge vif!:love: [​IMG]
  10. im speechless:nuts: :nuts: lovely bag chaus
  11. Omg you're one hot sexy mama!! :nuts: I like your naked shot with the B-bag covering your booty! :graucho:
  12. bye, bye until the next photo shoot....gotta go shop!!!wanna come?:supacool: [​IMG]
  13. sizzling hot bag and shoes! and you are one hot sexy lady!:supacool: great pictures.
  14. amour and irissy, thank you, i had fun taking that shot!:yes:
    glimmer, pupster and emila, thanks for nice comments.:love:
    robot, thank you!:heart:
    chi, resistance is futile! a rouge vif weekender is in your future or at least a rouge vif work, right esile???:supacool:
  15. I must be the only one who couldn't see the pics :crybaby:
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