chaussurewhore's bal pals go to lunch!

  1. here are some of my bal pals for your viewing pleasure. mimi has graciously offered to assit me posting since i cant get my pix to open up and they are soo cute, i want to share bigger size with you. thanks, mimi!:heart:
  2. hey girl! im waiting for your email :smile: stand by ladies! ;)
  3. Ack! I'm so excited here, lol! Quick, quick..!
  4. cant wait! pics pics pics!
  5. here are two to tide u over ;)
    fc61re2.jpg b074re2.jpg
  6. ok guys, mimi is rebooting so i am going to post tinys to give you a preview....
    teddys galore.jpg teddy with turq05.jpg teddy with white work and shoes.jpg teddy with white work.jpg 2 teddys and magenta and turq05 weekenders 2.jpg
  7. OMG soooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!! :love: :love: :love:

    Can't wait to see more!!!!
  8. LMAO!! Those pics are just too cute!:yes:
  9. thank you mimi, can you get the other 3 to open bigger?
  10. How cute~!~!~~~~~~~~~
  11. ok, the first pix of left in mimi's post for me is magenta weekender, teddy has chosen christian louboutin peep toes for lunch date and dolce sunglasses. her firend on right has a turq05 weekender and miu miu platforms with gucci sunglasses.
  12. chaus, the other ones arent bigger :sad:
  13. o0o0o love the shoooooooooeeeeessssss!!!!!

    got some patent peeptoe louboutins, are the other marni / miumiu? i love the retro flower print ones! (marni?)
  14. mim i, i will resend them, the bear in second pix has a white work for lunch date. the other 3 will will try to enlarge for your viewing pleasue.
  15. AHHH!! So cute! I love your little lunch date set-up.:biggrin: And my oh my, aren't those teddies fashionable!:love: