Chauss' snow glam bowler (pix)

  1. well, i have a feeling i am going to end up with a few of these bowlers...:heart:.i attached a copy of my new white snow glam bowler. i wear alot of black and love the contrast! btw, the bag is really a light ivory IRL, not stark white, which i think will be useful in the long run.... i wanted this size in the red, black and white combo, but gucci does not make it in this size. c'est la vie...
    chauss snow glam white 1.jpg
  2. That's hot on you! Thats the best bowler theyve had since the blondie bowler....and that one was white white. the red/black/white one is really badass, get it.
  3. That looks SOO great on you!! I agree...if you can get the black/white/red one, you def. should, cause you can pull it off, and it's such a hot bag.
  4. congrats... I love that bag
  5. I LOVE IT!!! (you have a great mouth!) lol...I wish my lips were shaped like that.
  6. It's super-hot! Like the owner ;)
  7. OMG OMG OMG....!!!!

    These are the photos I have been waiting for! It actually looks much nicer on you than on the site. I just can't decide on my next bag... the snow glam, another spy or perhaps another Chanel? I need to go down to Collins St for a browse. Thanks for posting, it's a gorgeous bag!
  8. looks hot, damn so much better than online. your workin it.
  9. Wow, you rock that bag. Congrats!
  10. That is one HOT bag!! Congrats
  11. Chaussie~ that is insanely HOT and so are you!!!:heart: I love it!!!:love::love::love: What are the measurements? Thanks!!!
  12. If you don't mind would you be able to post more photos of the bag? I would love to see more of it... :love::love::love::love:

    (I should probably just go down to Gucci and have a look at it...)
  13. WOW it does look so much better than the stock photos. Now you're making me want one. :tup: Great choice!!!
  14. thank yoou love2travel, mickalia, and belj!:yes:

    thank you sunshine and beejerry, you are so sweet!:heart:

    thank you kavnadoo, sjunky, cosmo, quitebourg, zac and mzleah

    yes girls, i am a good enabler! i think i need to model handbags for the stores and raise their sales! LOL!

    anyway, kav, most of my pix do not show the contrasting textures of the bag. and the bag photographs white and it is really a nice light ivory, ot stark white. so, my pix i posted is the best representation.

    zac, i dont have it with me for dimensions, but around a bal work size if you flip it on its side.....
  15. The dimensions of the white one are 15.8"L x 6.3"W x 11"H. 6 inch is really deep!

    The red/black/white is even larger at 17.7"L x 6.7"W x 11"H. :heart: