chauss' double addiction

  1. i really dont know what is worse, my bal bag addiction or my christian louboutin shoe addiction. (chaussurewhore, ahem.....) anyway, i just got back from bal nyc with a new rouge 06 weekender!!!! on its way and a new pair of patent leather platform open toe louboutin pumps. i dont which is hotter. lol! my ccs atre NOT laughing! oh, i also got a pair of prada platform maryjanes. hey guys, i need new shoes for my new bal bag! i really have a double addiction, can any of you relate?:angel:
  2. I can definitely relate..... luckily not so much shoes - but runway and vintage couture...... that is my 'other' weakness. :love:

    So glad you finally got a replacement weekender! I'm anxiously awaiting photos :smile:
  3. I don't know what to say! but congratulations!!

    I really really need to see a pic of your rouge weekender!!
  4. mimz and faye, thanks! oh , i forgot, yes !this is the replacement for my ice blue weekender which i have to surrender to the restaurant owner!!! i am sad, but i totally refurbished my pink work, and really wanted a new bag if i had to give the retaurant my ice blue. bittersweet emotions...:love:
  5. Oh, chaus, I'm sorry to hear you have to give up your ice blue bag!
    But congrats on the rouge! Can't wait to see your pics!! :nuts:
  6. thanks cate, i know, i will miss my ice blue, but so far, i have been unable to locate another ice blue weekender, so i will keep looking for another ice blue and pass this one to restaurant when my new rouge vif weekender arrives...
  7. Congrats on your new weekender and your shoes, Chauss!!!:heart: I'm sorry to hear that you have to turn your Ice Blue over, but the rouge 06 is going to look gorgeous on you!!! can't wait to see pics!
  8. o0o0o thats awesome! I cant wait to see pics of your new rouge vif! :heart: Take pics of the shoes as well!

    I also have a small LB obsession problem... I'm not into buying the ones going for nutzo prices on eBay right now, but hot damn! I love almost all the styles! I have the pair that SJP wore in the final episode of SATC (the ones she steps in dog poo with) but in chartreuse. They're my favorite... and one of the reasons I'm constantly on the hunt for anis.
  9. Wow, that's a big color switch for you, chauss! Congratulations on finding a new bag you love, though - and sorry the ice blue will be leaving you... Would love to see pics of the shoes along with the bag!

    I think I have only the one addiction, though the husband doesn't agree - he thinks I'm just in denial about my problem with furniture and my long-standing inappropriate relationship with fabric.
  10. thank you pupster and mocean! if anyone can pull offi a fire engine red weekender, i think i can... mocean, i will take pix of shoes too. a little off topic, but i have a pair of charteuse suede platforms you would love that were actually worn in the petro zillia runway show by a model. colleen cordero did the shoes for that particular show, but never made them for her own collection, anyway, they fit me so she gave me them at a huge discount after the show.
  11. o0o0o0o0o I demand pics of those too! :yahoo:
  12. thanks LP! red is a huge color switch, and if the blue gris ever arrives , i may end up with it . my bf jokes that the restaurant may change management and he loved the red, so hey, you cant go wrong with a new bal...:heart: we did the blind fold smooshy test. my ice blue in one hand and new red that i hand picked, in other and i spun myself around and felt each bag. i guessed red was smooshy ice blue, so i think i picked a good one. and yes, there were pleather reds as well so the leather is all over the place this season.... i rejected the one they had picked out for me and chose another one...........:love: and the lubriderm was not on display.
  13. Congrats on the new rouge weekender, Louboutin pumps and Prada maryjanes! Wowie, girl! You've had quite the weekend! Lol! Now why can't my weekends be like this??:graucho:
  14. FUN!!!! you've been shopping!!! 0o0o0o0o so much fun!!! congrats on your new stuff esp. ur b-bag!!!!
  15. I would have to agree with your husband :graucho: :lol: