chauss' double addiction part 2 ! (pix)

  1. ok, i have been carying my rouge vif for a few weeks now and the leather just keeps on getting better! i am attaching a pix of my rouge weekender with my new christian dior black leather motorcycle boots.:love: my double addiction of bal bags coupled with CL/CD shoes and boots may force me to freeze my assets. yup, my credit cards on ice in my freezer!!:wtf:
    CD boots and red bal bag1.jpg
  2. chaussurewhore - 0o0o0o0o you're so ROCKIN with your b-bag and your boots!!! i do LOVE your boots!!!! your b-bag looks smushy!!! yummy smushy b-bag! :love:
    thanks for sharing pics with us!!! :supacool:
  3. Chaussurewhore, you look hot, girl!!!! LOVE your gorgeous bag and hot boots!!! :rochard:
  4. H:graucho: O:graucho: T:graucho: !!!!!!
  5. fabulous chaus! fabulous! love the boots :yes:
  6. You look fabulous as always!!! LOVE the smooshy red we & LOVE the boots too :love:
  7. this is my favorite photo you have ever posted, i absolutely love it all :love:
  8. chaus, YOU absolutely ROCK! Love the boots, bag, even your well-toned arms!:yes:
  9. I love your look! You always look so fine! Those boots are awesome!!! Goes perfectly with that belt you have on.
  10. The boots are cute and the bag is absolutely gorgeous! Tha color suits you much better than the pink!
  11. woow!! you look great with you bbag and hot hot boots chaus :love: i always look forward to your photos :yahoo:
  12. Hot saucy mama!! :graucho: Love the rouge vif and sexy boots! :love:
  13. chaus you look fab as always!!!!
  14. Chauss- you look so AMAZING!!!! I know- this rouge vif leather is the greatest ever! I LOVE your boots too!!!!
  15. chaus, you look great!