Chatting with other customers

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  1. Does anyone else do this? Every time I go into the boutique, I find myself chatting with other customers. Sometimes we're cooing other the other's purchase, stating opinions, etc. It's kind of like an understood sisterhood.

    Today when my SA was wrapping my NF, another girl was debating between the ebene and azur speedy. I had an ebene bag with me, and just bought an azur. So we were just chatting about the pros and cons to each.

    Does anyone else do this? I don't think the SAs like when I do this. :P
  2. Haven't done this yet, but I don't live near a boutique so not as many chances to go.
    I am the chatty kind, so I'm sure I'll be guilty of it soon enough :biggrin:
  3. Oh yes :P I go to my boutique I comment on ALLLL the girls bags---what they are wearing, trying on, ect... ...:yes:
  4. Glad I'm not obnoxious...or at least that others are just as guilty of it as I am!

    I swear a few girls I wanted to ask for their numbers or if they wanted to have a drink! lol so hard to meet girlfriends, esp ones with the same passion for bags. But THAT would be weird.
  5. No, where I live and where "my" store is (Knokke, Belgium) the people aren't very chatty. Mind you, in Belgium we spreak Dutch, French and German and that is probably a barrier too. But sometimes I want to talk to other customers about the bags and ask their opinions....
  6. I know how hard it is to be alone buying a bag, and sometimes I just see it on others' faces, that they can't decide. I can see language being a big barrier where you are!
  7. Yep GUILTY here :blush:
  8. oh, yes and I take polls :P
  9. Yes, I always end up talking with people. One time this girl and I got in a long discussion about the Galliera. She showed me everything she carries in her bag and we talked about wallets, etc.! Other times people have asked for my opinion, input, experience, etc.
  10. I do but it depends on the people. Sometimes the people are really friendly and other times they look at you like you are crazy. I tend to be a happy chatty shopper who will always chat with someone.
  11. I thought about engaging two customers who were shopping together at LV yesterday but I didn't get the sense that they were "into it" so I refrained! I just took in the whole experience of being there and unfortunately didn't have anyone to share it with.:shucks::shucks::shucks:
  12. Yes, typically someone will begin a chat with me. I say that, because I'm not the type to just start a conversation with a stranger. Possibly compliment me while I'm trying on a bag, and we'll begin conversing.

    When I would wear my SO Galliera, I never failed to get questions about it from other customers, when visiting the boutique.
  13. Awww, you have us :flowers:

    We just can't be at the boutique with you, lol.
  14. I have chatted with other customers. Sometimes someone will ask me my opinion or vice versa.
  15. But all of you were there in spirit! I told my SA about our forum!;)