Château Scandinave

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Jul 9, 2009
Here is my answers from the other thread in case that someone missed them :smile:

Here is a pics :smile:

It's so so gorgeous! Gaahh, it will look stunning on you and it will be in style forever.

Yeah I figured, it's what? Close to 7000SEK? Since I'm not a millionaire or the daughter of one I can't spend that much on a bag just to see if I like it. So I thought I'd get a pre-loved one, and once I've tried it I can decide whether or not to get a spankin' new one instead or if it wasn't for me after all.. and then I'll let it find a new home. Like a tryout period :smile:

You're so smart I must say ;) I'll think I should start with that method as well, the only think is, I can't get rid of stuff. Apparantly :P

Cari - Hahah, me too! I just can't believe I still have to wait almost two years for classip flap to come to me! Oh, so frustrating!! but i know it's worth waiting :girlsigh: (although i'm not sure if i can wait so long, i may break down and get it sooner :biggrin:)

Haha I have a problem with the waiting as well ;)

What kind of flap are you getting?

I think I want the Black Caviar Jumbo with SHW and then the Black Medium Flap in Caviar with GHW later on.. But colours are also fun, I don't know yet :smile:


May 13, 2008
Just curious .. do you all have a next bag to purchase?

Yup yup..I think I have about 215878 on my list.. ;) But I keep changing my mind over and over again.. Should i go for something useful and "cheap" (Neverfull), a smaller clutch (Montaigne, Bel Air, something like that) or save up for a luggage piece? I can't seem to make up my mind...
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