Château Scandinave #6

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  1. Good morning, ladies. If I understood correctly, you that participate here live in Scandinavia. I have a question for you about shoes during the winter.

    Basically, how do you do it? What kind of shoes do you use, especially when going out in the evening? To me it seems impossible to wear nice shoes, let alone heels, when there’s snow or ice. It seems weird to me to wear a smart outfit with winter boots.

    I was thinking of maybe wearing winter boots, but taking with me the heels in a bag, and then change at the restaurant or bar. Does anybody do this?? And since some places have cloak rooms, but not all, what would you do with the boots, then?

    See, I’ve been living here for some years, but I had small kids, so I didn’t go out that much. It was only the eventual date night with hubby in a cab to a restaurant and back, door-to-door. Now I have the possibility to take the metro and meet friends, and not just stay in one place, but move around a bit. I want to wear a dress and heels, is it even possible during the winter?

    I’d appreciate your input.
    Have a lovely day!

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  2. Evening all :smile:
  3. Morning upload_2019-1-12_7-27-11.gif
  4. Morning Ellie
    Café breakfast today
    Today’s look. Maria, wearing Hermès shoes today, these work in the evening as well but ankle boots or nice over the knee boots are usually my evening shoes, or heels if I have too.
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  5. Evening Serva :smile: Great pics!
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  6. Evening Serva :smile: Great pics!
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  7. Evening Ellie Thank you, I like seeing pics in this thread.

    Was wearing Chanel leather gloves and a small bag today. I’ve been neglecting my Chanels lately but it was nice for a change.

    I really like that we have some snow now and it was so sunny and nice today, not too cold either. A pic from a couple of days ago. Don’t remember posting it here....
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  9. Morning everyone wishing you all a relaxing Sunday. I cancelled all work and will go and prep a townhouse for sale.
  10. Bab, I seldom wear heels, I’m 168cm so medium hight but my work keeps me busy and running around so I prefer comfy designer shoes nowadays. I do agree that heels make me feel more feminine and I have two ankle boots for winter with both a heel and platform, sturdy soles that prevent me from slippering, but I confess I wear them seldom. Over the knee boots keep me warm, also like high laceup knee boots but with a zipper, for easy access. These ancle boots also have a zipper.
  11. Morning Serva :smile:
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  12. Evening :smile:
  13. Evening Ellie
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  14. Morning Ellie

    Wishing everyone a good working week
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  15. Morning Serva upload_2019-1-14_7-21-7.gif
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  16. Evening :smile: