Château Scandinave #6

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  1. I didn’t know there is an Ikea museum but it makes sence. I regret I never got the nice 18th century style porcelain plates...
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  2. Morning Serva upload_2019-1-8_7-10-38.gif
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  3. Evening :smile:
  4. Evening Ellie.
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  5. Morning upload_2019-1-9_8-5-7.gif
  6. Evening :smile:
  7. Morning upload_2019-1-10_7-19-15.gif
  8. Morning.
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  9. Evening Nahreen :smile:
  10. Evening everyone
    Extremely busy week, running errands and carrying my Céline Trapeze in emerald python
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  11. ^Lovely pic and colors!
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  12. Morning upload_2019-1-11_7-3-53.gif
  13. Morning Ellie

    Finally Friday, having lunch with dear Mom today. Only two meetings but need to prepare some legal documents on Sunday for appointments next week.

    I don’t mind working on weekends, but lately I’ve sceduled time for private projects as well that need to be done and having a day off to focus on other things helps me avoid stress at work. I’ve found it helps to prevent the migrain attacks. I used to only focus on work while private projects had to wait, causing me stress. Being able to do both has helped a lot. I’ve also come to terms with the fact that my work never ends, knowing I will always have to prioritize and accepting that I’m never going to have a ”clean desk” is crucial. Last year, starting from August, has workwise been more demanding than any other time in my life. I hope that it will be less busy and back ” to normal” when I have my summer holiday in June.
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  14. ^it sounds like a great strategy planning on/off work time :yes:
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  15. Thank you Ellie hope you have a relaxing weekend
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