Château Scandinave #6

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  1. Evening traveling for work tomorrow and need to continue during the weekend too. After next week I can relax, always hectic this time of year.
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  2. Evening Serva :smile:
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  3. Morning all upload_2019-1-4_7-42-16.gif
  4. Morning Ellie Taking the train and they already warned the trains might be late today so wearing warm clothes and prepared to wait for my connecting train...
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  5. Evening :smile:
  6. Evening Ellie returned home late, but happy I don’t have an early morning tomorrow. Going to do paperwork for Monday and Tuesday after which I can relax.

    I’ve been working with a collegue for 15 yrs and he suggested I turn a blind eye for a couple of things at work, something I definitely cannot do due to my ethics. I take pride in being strong and always trying to do the right thing. In the end I will be responsible for my actions and there is no pricetag on my morals.
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  7. Morning Serva :smile: Ethics are very important.
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  8. Morning Ellie yes, I take pride in being honest. Both in work and private life.
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  9. Evening :smile:
  10. Morning Ellie
    Wishing everyone a relaxing Sunday! Looks like the weather i getting colder next week so time to take out my warmest lambskin boots...
  11. Morning/afternoon Serva :smile: I've been to Ikea Älmhult this morning adding discontinued items and more. I didn't go to the Ikea Museum though.
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  12. Morning upload_2019-1-7_7-1-2.gif
  13. Afternoon. Back at work after a relaxing Christmas holiday.
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  14. Evening Nahreen :smile: Yes it's been relaxing holidays.
  15. Evening I’ve worked very hard, had about 3hrs sleep last night and finished a project. Another crucial deadline tomorrow but that will not be as difficult. Feels great to finish and will celebrate on Friday.
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