Château Scandinave #6

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  1. Continued from Château Scandinave #5 :smile:
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  2. I'm back from Sthlm, it was a lot of walking and I ordered some items too.
  3. Sounds good Ellie. Did you go to the auction viewing?
  4. ^Yes I was at the viewing but I think I'll wait with bidding until the spring modern auction, there were some nice things though. The library table looked better than in pics but there were chipping along the edges.
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  5. I stopped at LV too and was greeted by a male SA who is also manager for special orders, he remembered I asked for a secretary trunk some years ago. My regular SA is on leave for studies but she will come back.
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  6. Did you buy anything at LV Ellie? I'll stop buy there on Monday. I'll also go to H and maby Gucci. I suppose what usually happens is that I go into every store that I pass buy on Birgerjarl. I need a pair of gloves, lost mine last winter.
  7. I didn't buy anything at LV but I was thinking about new agenda refills. Perhaps I'll use filofax next year too. Brigerjarl is a nice street with all the stores.
  8. Evening, I got a nice mirror for the entrance yesterday. It's round and has convex glass so it's funny to look in when leaving home :amuse:
  9. Evening Ellie. We are at our country house now. DH will do moose hunting tomorrow.

    Nice with the new mirror.
  10. ^Ah, it's moose hunting time now. Have a nice stay at the country house.
  11. Morning :noworry:
  12. Evening. Three mooses down.
  13. ^Evening, wow do you get a lot for your fridge?
  14. I don't know. There were 50 people hunting.
  15. Morning :noworry: