Château Scandinave #5

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  1. ^It has been a relaxing midsummer :beach:
  2. Evening :noworry:
  3. Evening :smile: Long time no see... Are everyone well?
  4. ^Morning Cari, everything's fine here :smile: Have you adjusted to coming back to Sthlm yet?
  5. Good :smile: Well, it's been nice meeting everyone again and so on but I miss Paris more than I thought that I would... So it's hard. But oh well, perhaps I'll go back this fall or something!
  6. Yes I guess Paris will always be there, it seems to be an amazing city from looking at your blog.. btw, a guy at the camera forum asked for advice on a camera for a girlfriend and I pointed him to your blog, he was very impressed and spent two hours looking at the pics (and I remembered you had posted which camera you used)..
  7. Thank you :smile: And yes, it really is...

    Haha thank you, you're so sweet! I hope he found it there then!
  8. Just in case anyone would be interested in old color photos from around 1950-1970, I love them for inspiration, the photos are here :smile:
  9. Evening, this trip looks nice :smile:
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    Hi everybody :hugs: I am back now from a great trip! Hope everyone is doing great and had a wonderful midsummer! Had an amazing time in LA and it´s always nice to go back to a place you love! I went to look at some apartments in Santa Monica which is my favorite place in LA (have been thinking about getting a place of my own there next summer) but the closer you get to the beach the more expensive it is, bummer. I did do some shopping, not a whole lot beacuse going there wasn´t cheap but I did end up with a few J crew goodies I´ve been eyeing.. The weather along with the food was amazing and I really miss it now I´m back. Can´t wait to go back!
  11. ^Welcome back erinrose! :smile: It sounds like you had a great time!
  12. Erin It felt like you only left yesterday. Glad you had a great time.

    I'm leaving for Brussels soon and I'm taking the train to Paris for a few days next week. Stockholm feels very depressing right now so I'm happy to be leaving.

    Ellies The trip looks nice, are you planing on going? I finally booked a trip to Munchen in December to visit the Christmas market. I'm hoping for lots of snow.
  13. Med, perhaps I'll go on the trip, not decided yet though. I'm still thinking about the Hermes saddle baume, are you going to Hermes while in Paris next week?

    Cari reported this when I asked her to check:
  14. I hadn't planned on it but I'll pass by it. Is there anything you want me to check?
  15. Thank you both! :smile:

    Yes I know, I would have loved to stay longer :rolleyes: Have a great time and I totally agree with you about Stockholm, where has summer gone.
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