Château Scandinave #5

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  1. Nice boots Blueberry. They look nice and warm.
  2. Yes.

  3. Thanks Nahreen, LVoeG and Blueberry12 :flowers:
  4. Good evening :smile: Just got a pair of frye 8r boots, figured they´ll be prefect for this climate.
  5. Erin: can you post a pic.
  6. ^Evening and congrats erinrose the boots looks like they are needed here now :smile:

    I got home early with a cold today, probably stay home tomorrow too..
  7. Evening :smile:

    Sarah, congrats on the boots!

    Ellie, oh no, I hope you'll get better soon!
  8. Thanks everyone! I really love them, they´re amazing quality and the brand has such a long history behind it!

    Hope you get better Ellies :hugs: I guess this time a year escaping a cold is hard, I feel like I might be coming down with one myself

    Here´s a pic Nahreen :smile:

  9. Thanks Erin. I´m sure they are excellent when it´s snow outside and slippery.

    I hope you get better soon Ellie.

    Today it really felt like spring is here. I´ve snow drpos in my garden coming.
  10. Thanks Nahreen, it's better today. I took a payed vacation day today that was expiring this month :beach:
  11. I'm glad you're feeling better! Unfortunately I woke up with a soar throat today :sad: I really hope that it goes away soon. I don't want to get sick, I'll miss too much in school and dbf is FINALLY coming here next weekend :biggrin:
  12. ^Oh no, you got it too :oh: but I hope you got the same as me because it just lasted a day or so..
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.