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  1. We're such good (or bored and chatty perhaps) girls aren't we? Already on thread #4 ;)
  2. I can't believe we are on the 4th thread!! We are chatty girls, that's for sure:chatty:
  3. I forgot to answe your question before: My weekend was alright but I didn't do much. How was yours?
  4. Well it's nice to relax though:smile: Mine was good, but I drank too much to and after that "pinnekjøtt" dinner on Saturday so yesterday was extremely painful!

    And yesterday I discovered an aching lump under my arm, like where the lyph is...i t's hurting and I can't put my arm up very high. Have you ever experiensed something like that? Maybe I need to see a doctor?:sad:
  5. ^ No I haven't, if it doesn't go away soon I think you should have it checked up
  6. Yeah. It was hurting at the same place a few weeks ago but I did not feel a lump and it went away after a week or so. But I'm a bit worried since it came back worse and with a lump! Oh well, I'll give it a few days.
  7. Woho :woohoo: a new thread!

    P&P - I hope you'll be ok.
  8. I can FINALLY go to the bathroom :p (been waiting for my doctor to call, didn't want to risk not picking up in time LOL)

    Do so
  9. ^It's always the same when waiting for a call :rolleyes:
  10. Ellies, thanks, I hope so too. I got an appointment at the doctor next Wed now.

    Frida, what do you mean? Something I have missed obviously!
  11. Hehe, yeah

    If you're referring to the call, then no, you haven't missed anything :p It's just a short chat bewteen the doctor/patent to confirm that all is going well with the medication/treatment
  12. Wow! 827 people viewing in the Deals&Steals forum now :shocked: -I guess it's Cyber Monday shoppers.
  13. Hello everyone!

    Yay a whole new thread :biggrin: Gosh, we are chatty.. I think 90% of my post can be found in these threads :lol: Now I'm very happy that I went "member hunting" in the beginning of this thread haha ;)

    This weekend has just flown passed me.. But now my sister has gotten to come home at last :smile: So I'm really happy for her. She's still sick but not as sick as she was before!
  14. Cari284 - I'm really happy to hear about your sister coming home!
  15. Whoa!

    Ah, that's good to hear!
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