Chat thread.

  1. I know there's other threads kind of like this, but this one has no topic. You can chat about anything with other tPF members, as long as it's appropriate. So it's kind of like a chat room, but it's a thread.
    I hope this is ok to do, if not it can be closed or moved if it's not in the right spot.
  2. Nice! I like it! Hi coach!
  3. Haha thanks for posting, Awwgeez! I was thinking that no one would :sad: haha. I'm pretty good actually. How are you?
  4. Im good! I should be in bed, but cant sleep lately. =/
  5. Aww :sad: That sucks! I've been staying up way too late lately.
  6. Hi Coach!

    You should get the other hockey gals to join!
  7. Hey Sweetpea!

    Yeah, that's a good idea! I'll ask!
  8. Morning Ladies! Im glad its friday!
  9. Hi Aww! has been hectic! Ladies, what are your weekend plans?
  10. Hi Sweet!
    Dh and I are going to see twilight tomorrow, then we have a game night with some friends. What about you?
  11. Oh nice..I'm going to my parents house after work..and taking my niece & nephew out. Saturday I have a spa appt. for a swedish massage & facial..I can't wait! Not sure what else is going on..
  12. A massage sounds great!
  13. I so need has been stressful..
  14. Wow! What happened to the LV Chat thread? It's closed. Wanted to ask a question about a discontinued LV bandeau.
  15. Hi COACH (and everyone) your thread is picking up steam. I hope you are having a wonderful day!!