CHAT Thread - Lets Talk Chloe

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  1. Looking to have another cup of pumpkin spice coffee! It is 7:17am and I need to wake up!

  2. You're woke up already! I just start my day by Redbull..,have a good day!
  3. What is 'pumpkin spice coffee' ? Never heard of this beverage of which you speak. Where does it hail from? What is it made of? Sounds intreguing (sp?). I am a very fussy coffee drinker and am always interested in trying out new coffee.
  4. Oooh, Can't stand the taste of Redbull! My daughter tried to get me to drink one!

  5. We have a grocers called The Fresh Market They carry all these different flavored coffees, they are whole beans in giant barrels! For different holidays they carry appropriate blends! Pumpkin spice smells like pumpkin pie and tasts heavenly. I like my coffee black, no sugar and this stuff is great!:okay:
  6. Love the smell of coffee, beans being ground, or just walking past a coffee shop. Heaven.
  7. Wish I had some coffee to share with you this lovely Birthday Morning! What are you going to do fun today?:balloon::balloon::balloon::hugs::sunshine::
  8. Morning Ladies... I started my day dealing w/ EBAY.... seems someone hijacked my account and listed some laptops. GOOD GRIEF. Thankfully, someone actually INQUIRED about them, or I would never have noticed.
    What a PAIN!
  9. Morning. :heart: I am up and ready to start a day with coffee here in pacific NW. And of course it is a rainy day today. Oh gosh, today is my son's football game day. Once again I am going to see him at a rainy football field with an umbrella. I have never imagined I would do this in my life time, ever. Thanks goodness to my vinyl heloise, I can still look decent.

    Ellie Mae, What do you mean by someone hijacked your account??? It doesn't sound very pleasing.
  10. Hi kbnkch... I mean someone, somehow, accessed my ebay account and was listing laptops for sale under my account. A potential buyer messaged my thru ebay about them, thank god, or I would never have noticed. Ebay confirmed, removed the listings, and says my account has been secured. Whatever! It should have been "secure" in the first place!:cursing:

    Been there, done that... sat thru MANY football games in the cold, rain, sleet, snow. SUCH FUN!
  11. How can anybody access someone's account??? Doesn't it require a password? That's scary.:sad:

    I just went outside and it wasn't raining. It might actually be a nice day. It just looked rainy though my dirty window. Time to clean my windows, I guess.:Push: Snow in texas, I didn't know.
  12. this happened to me last year!!!:sad:

  13. Is it your birthday today muggles ???? I checked the previous posts and and that's what it looks like to me :shrugs:. If it is, the Happiest of Birthdays to you!!!! :woohoo::balloon::flowers:

    I know you're spending your day holding and cuddling your most special Chloe of all. All I have to say to her is "coochi coochi coo"!!!:heart:
  14. No! sweetpea^^ it is Rowes birthday! One a year is more than enough for me! Mine was in July!
  15. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    :Push: Guess my problem is that I don't drink coffee....

    Happy Birthday ROWE!!!! :flowers::balloon:
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