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  1. Thanks!! Whenever I have them on there is nobody to take a pic and this week we're 80 again.... But as soon as it cools off I'll try to get a modeling pic :tup:
  2. Muggles, congrats on the new baby.............oh, I'm so excited for you. Don't you just love the little babies....:love:, and Chloe, what an appropriate name!!
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    When i think back an it was 0.95cents i could cry,:sad: I should have taken advantage back then to buy something, but just didnt have the cash. Lucky i paid for my bags last weekend, just before the drop. it was only 0.75 but better than now. Will just make it harder to buy Chloe...:crybaby:...

    Wasnt sure where to post this. Its more of a OMG ! pinch of rosemary has a Chloe paddy thats
    20" X 9.5" X 8" !!!!!! Did they make them this big !!!! Are they for amazons? Thats HUGE. Does anyone have one this big??

  4. The exchange rate is driving me crazy - it keeps dropping and I leave in 4 days!!! I've paid off the trip already, but at this rate I'll only have enough spending money for a week or two. So much for spending time with friends and family - we'll be staying in until we can fly back home :crybaby:
    I had all my money locked in at the good exchange rate too, then there was an an issue with the bank and they had to refund me, then the rate dropped. :cursing:

    So I'm on TPF - avoiding money troubles and drooling over paratys! :roflmfao:

    The giant paddy - I've never seen modelling pictures of it, but I do know there were a few made. Rarer than the baby paddies definitely.
  5. Aaah, have you posted pictures? She sounds cute - and I love the name of course! :heart:
  6. i had a briefly chat with my SA at Saks yesterday, it's seem quiet on Monday! so I spent 15 min chatting to them about "Paraty handbag"...she said "it's so fav" and all SA works at Designer handbag comes to chat too. I told her :"i really don't know I am really IN love with this bag, or just because all ppl talk about it on Mag"....they all laughing, and said :"it's worth bag" ! "good for investment" ...LOL.

    But my lovely SA just asked " Is Chloe pay for all celebrity such as Mary Kate, Kattie, Jessica, wear/worn this Paraty as their promo/comercial?. That's why Chloe is really quiet for a while, and Chloe is not a popular for few season, but now, all ppl talk about Paraty"...another SA said :"maybe, you never know"!

    For me, the ecomony is really down right now, but Chloe is selling/sold alot Paraty for FULL PRICE...and SOLD OUT PYTHON! this is a good sight for Chloe!

    I don't know how much the Python Paraty were made, and is it a limitted item or not...but we are still discuss about it...

    Guess what, we are so proud on this forum. at least 6 Chloe paraty is purchased by TPFer...
  7. I went to the boutique shoes & bag shop in town. Its called Miss Louise, they didnt have any chloe bags in stock, had alot of Balen. SA said he will get all new Chloe this week, and that Heloise is the new 'it' bag. I had to correct them and say no its the Paraty!!

    They say they will get alot of Chloe lines, i will have to go back end of the week to see if they get a Paraty. But no python is coming. They dont bring in the python anymore for designer, customs is too high. I will let you know how much they price the paraty here. Will be interesting to see the difference.

  8. oooh, will be good to know how much paraty is in Oz! I went to DJs today to check the chloe sale - still quite expensive! They have a cute navy small heloise that I'm in love with, but expensive! :Push: I didn't see any paratys and couldn't find anyone to ask either :rolleyes:
  9. I cant seem justify a small personal loan for a handbag. OH would kill me.

  10. Same here! :P

    Although I once ran out of credit on after a Chloe bag buying spree and couldn't pay off enough in time to get my paddy holy grail, the jeans moyen:Push:. My wonderful man actually helped and we used his card instead, but he made me pay it all back as soon as I had the cash. :P
    Closest I've ever gotten to having him understand the need for bags! :roflmfao:
  11. WOW, he's a keeper, dont EVER let him go. There are few like that.
    Are there pics of your holy grail? Send me link, I'd love to see it.
  12. Best pictures are probably here:

    I am lucky to have such a great guy :heart: He doesn't bug me too much about buying bags, his response is now just "another one?!" :P
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    My home pc has crappy screen i cant tell the colour too well, grey-ish?? like worn denim? Cool !!!! Great for jeans as you say. I have never seen that colour, its perfect.

    Yay ! You've hit 1500 posts
  14. Good morning girls, How is everyone and their fine bags doing today?
  15. Good morning missy, how are you this fine day.
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