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  1. The various deals, steals, photos & online stores threads for Tano are "no chat" so I thought it would be a good idea to create a thread for chat about those topics just like in other sub-forums!

    Will send an email to SM asking her to make this a sticky.
  2. * Don't know their return policy. Given their shipping charges, I wouldn't order from them if I thought I might want to return the bag. I consider them a source for hard to find bags. And they were very nice about telling me which bag was in the best shape for the color I was actually the lowest priced bag of the three possibilities. If I have a problem with the bag, I will be sure to take it up with them.

    Any other questions, just call them.
  3. Great idea for a thread! I don't know if it will get a sticky as usually those are for reference threads or something that has temporary high traffic, ie: RAOK threads.

    My only thought on the new store you posted is to call in advance and verify if they have what is actually posted and confirm their return/exchange policy. :yes:
  4. ^^ The store name isn't referenced in the post. Which store are you guys talking about?
  5. This one:

  6. Thanks Syb for starting this thread!
    I just ordered all the colors of the Cheap, Cheaper, Cheapest coin purse except the red (which is what I already have) from the Lori's Shoes sale (thanks Cookiecat for posting). I really wanted the ruby Baroque Beauty but there are too many new bags I want and I just ordered the Flashbulb Flurry from the MHB sale!
  7. Today I received the bag I ordered from - a Pavlov's Frog in Lawn Green, and it's really nice! Actually, the nicest thickest leather of any Tano crunch bag I've seen, and I've seen quite a few. It's in beautiful condition - no shelf wear whatsoever - kudos to Stones! Perfect for Spring - although it is 75 degrees here today, so why wait??
  8. i was wondering how MHB works? like, could they still get more spring colors for bags or have they all been snatched up by other retailers at the tano warehouse? i'd really like to save up for a green apple or blue hawaiian/berry blue bag-- maybe minilisa? or miami heat if possible? :T
  9. OOOOOOOOO I saw your pics in the pics thread Syb... isn't the lawn green great!? I have the lawn green amanda playwith which looks almost exactly like the pavlovs frog but bigger!

    pgtea... MHB sometimes get additional stock throughout the season but generally what they post on their seasonal flickr pics is what they will have most of the season.
  10. Thanks!! Yes, I know about the Amanda you, I thought it was too big. So, I returned the one I ordered. The PF is much better!
  11. Love your PF Syb!
  12. Thanks MG!

  13. The best thing to do is email them and ask. :yes:
  14. ^^

    Agreed! They are great at responding to emails. I should know, I ask tons of questions and they are always answered promptly. They rock!
  15. I just ordered a few bags from MHB.
    They are having a great sale right now. I got a Flashbulb Flurry for 50% off, a Tribal Master for 30% off and the Postage Tramp for 50% off. Awesome deals!