Chat about the "Deals" thread

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  1. But since there's supposed to be "No Chat" on that thread, I thought I'd post it here.

    Mall of Georgia
    Marissa or Lauren are the 2 SA's I've dealt with most frequently.


    Good Luck!
  2. Yes, we need a sticky just for discussing the deals. Sometimes, someone else's deal alerts me to a possible deal.......:biggrin:
  3. Lauren is very sweet! She sold me a Selma and shipped it to me and sent me pics!

  4. I couldn't find the wallet :sad: got the selma though
  5. I made this the Chat thread for deals!
  6. Ladies is a wallet a good deal if it's $86?
  7. Depends on which one?
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    Got the black Grayson I've been searching for (on sale) and a Jet Set Satchel in Dark Khaki on sale @ Belk... Got both bags for $372!! Now I SERIOUSLY Need to stop the madness!

  9. Check out Belks and their deal first... You might find one cheaper!

  10. Ugh I wish I had a belks card to order or another 15% off coupon
  11. Try 99354. It's good for an extra 15% off and I don't think you have to be a Belk cardholder.

  12. I did it doesn't work .
  13. On belks deal there was supposed to be an additional % off for being a card holder but has anyone else had a problem with that ?

  14. I'm not sure on belk but I was able to have nordstrom to price match it
  15. Thank you AirJewels for posting this code!
    It works online and you don't have to be a belk cardholder.
    I was able to order wallet last night.
    Thanks again!