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  1. Do we have a datecode/serial number thread for Chloe? I've searched all through the Reference Library and couldn't find one.. everyone else seems to know what those numbers mean but I can't find the explanation anywhere! :search:
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  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Anyone? Still baffled over here! :shrugs:

  3. Not yet. But if we have enough of you to contribute to a thread, we can always start one. One other thing to think about- we need to be careful about putting too much information out there as we don't want to make it easier to produce fakes.

    In the meantime, this thread might be helpful:
  4. Hey everyone,

    Does anyone know where I can find a full list of the Chloe wallet colours?

    I have been searching the forum for a while and couldn't find anything comprehensive.

    More specifically, does/did Chloe ever make pink wallets?

  5. Girls - the Reference Library needs a lot of work done on it - and so - now is your chance - tell me if there is something special you would like to see in there. Things need updated, photos have expired etc., so its 'Work in Progress. However, if there are areas you feel should be highlighted, or there are things you see which can be changed, improved etc., then please let me know.

  6. hi. I need help... can anyone guide me and help me find referce materials on audra?
  7. ^^ Hi there - do you have a specific problem? There isn't actually an Audra section - I had thought someone had posted reference photos on this style - but it doesn't appear.

    If you can let me know what it is you need - I'll see if I can help you.:yes:
  8. looking for color reference specific to baby paddy
  9. hi,
    I have read that authentic chloe bags have ykk on the zips, do fake ones also have this sometimes or is it a good guide line that it is genuine if you see if on your zip of your bag.
  10. mayfair40 - Hi - unfortunately having YKK on the zip will not definitively make a Chloe bag authentic. They have also used Lampo zips and often use unmarked zips. Therefore - its not about the zips - its about the entire bag - as a whole.:smile:
  11. Hi Lescoy,
    Thanks for rapid reply, I understand the points you are making. I was trying to find out though if fake ones could also have ykk on them? Have the fakers gone to such detail or is it good indicator of genuine one. I have brought two recently and i have tried to look at all the advised markers, like padlock, stitching shape, leather ... they both carry ykk on zip although different place and just wanted to get some more detail about ykk stamp and if possibility of fake having it too?
  12. Fakes CAN have YKK or indeed Lampo zippers - so its not really a useful tool. The zips are easy to buy - and easy also to fake - so in the grand scheme of things - whether the item has a 'marked' zipper or not - it can't be a definitive tool - i.e., just because it says YKK it is no more likely to be authentic than it is to be fake.