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    This is the place to discuss any of the reference threads, to make comments or to ask any questions that you might have regarding the reference library or its contents. We want to keep the reference threads strictly as visual aids, and in order to do so PICS ONLY please, NO chatter in those threads

    Thank you.:smile:

    Thank you to Perja for compiling this list of Chloe synonyms!

    Anthracite = dark metallic silver 06
    Argent = metallic silver 06
    Aubergine = bronze
    Blue Nuit = midnight blue
    Blanc = ivory
    Brun = tobacco/dark brown
    Canelle = cinnamon/light tan
    Craie = chalk
    Dove = mousse/grey with same color edging
    Eucreil = whiskey
    Galet = pebble/light grey
    Grenat = blue red/bordeaux
    Gris Vert = gray/green with dark purple/maroon edging
    Jean Moyen = blue jean
    Jaune = yellow/sunflower
    Khaki = olive green
    Mais = corn/light yellow
    Moka = mocha/dark brown
    Muscade = nutmeg
    Roche = stone/dark grey
    Rouge = bright red
    Sable = Sable
    Sand = Creme
    Tan = tan
    Taupe = taupe
  2. Hi! Does anyone have a paddington that is purple not aubergine or metallic aubergine? I just found one the other day and would like to know the color name and/or the season/year.

  3. Does anyone know where the thread is that has the numbers that go with the tags on the paddingtons? I was there the other day and now I can't find it.
  4. Just wondering, do we have a database/reference thread of all the authentic online shops to purchase Chloe from?

    I'm sure we did, but i can't seem to find it.:rolleyes:

    Maybe i need new glasses...;)
  5. Can you please add a thread about Chloe ready to wear? I would love to see what everybody else is buying as far as clothing.
  6. Please - can we have a sticky thread with reference to watermarking - i believe it's really important for everyone to watermark every single personal picture they post up here.:yes:
    Many people don't know how to watermark - or often forget to.
    I think it's imperative to promote the practise of watermarking.:biggrin:

    I've had one of my older pictures (of my whiskey paddy) stolen and put on a dodgy listing!:push:

    Thanks in advance for your consideration!:heart:
  7. ^ Good idea. :yes:

  8. Yes, I was thinking that a Chloe clothing thread (for both current and previous seasons) would be a good idea. :yes:

    Maybe a jewellery thread, too? :idea:
  9. I will get to all of these this week! Everything is a great suggestion!
  10. Thanks jag!:tup::heart:
  11. Ok! I think I got it all!

    When I get some time next week, I will start a thread of the Reputable eBay Sellers. If anyone wants to help with that, please PM me!

  12. Thanks jag! :tup:
  13. I was wondering whether a thread about the normal variations in authentic heatstamps might be useful?

    Also, perhaps a similar thread about the variation in authentic dustcovers over the years (colour of bag, font variations, colour and texture of printing, colour of drawstring etc.)? :idea:
  14. Those are excellent suggestions! What works best, is if one of you starts the thread for other members to contribute. Once you feel there is enough information, let me know and I can clean up the thread and make it a permanent reference. In fact, we can pretty much do that with any topic that you all feel is worthy of a reference thread! Just start it in the general section and then let me know when you think it is ready to be a permanent reference!
  15. Hi, can someone advise me the different colors that are released for the 2007 summer/spring & fall/winter collection? Is there such a thread that I can refer to? Thanks