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  1. Hello dearest purse forum members!

    There have been several postings recently on our mail order service at our outlets and I thought some things could use a bit of clarification. We have put much thought into what product is sold as well as our return policies and I hope that this posting will help to answer any questions.

    • The product sold at Mulberry outlet stores consists of past season items, special items made exclusively for the outlets, and items that do not meet Mulberry’s strict regulations for sale in our retail stores (thus offered at 30% off).
    • The Shepton outlet also sells damaged/returned products which can easily be identified by a “00” stamped inside the item.
    • Outlets offer refunds if a product purchased in the store is faulty.
    • When handling phone orders (also known as mail orders), the staff will take the time to describe any visible flaws to the customer. Staff will not intentionally be misleading on the condition of the products, as it would only leave customers with a poor impression of the brand.
    • The Outlets are pleased to offer the mail order service to customers in the UK (shipping and billing address must be within the UK due to credit authorisation).
    I saw that SaraJane recently posted a very eloquent plea: “All I can say is please remember that if you find a current season bag in the outlet with 30 per cent off - it's there because it's flawed! The SA will do their best to tell you what the flaw is but if you're at all unsure, please don't buy.
    I've always found SM's customer service to be brilliant & I, for one, don't want to see the end of the mail out service.
    ” J
    Thanks, SarahJane!

    Please use this time to ask me any questions regarding the outlets, I am at your service! Happy shopping!

  2. Thanks for that Mulberry London. I rely on the mail order service as i do not live near an outlet!
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  3. ^^Me too.
  4. Thanks loads MulberryLondon! I've always had wonderful service from the outlets, and when there was a problem with a mail order purchase (not Mulberry's fault - it was the courier that messed up) one of the sales assistants at Shepton called me regularly to let me know what was going on. I was extremely impressed with her friendly professionalism - she was fabulous :biggrin:
  5. I'm relieved to hear this, too :tup: I've always had fab service from the outlets, particularly Shepton, and it would be a shame if we could no longer order directly from them by telephone.
  6. I too have always had exemplary service from the outlets when mail ordering, again as Dita says from Shepton in paticular.I live 45/60 minutes drive away from Cheshire Oaks(traffic depending) so mail order for me is a brilliant thing if I really can't get to C Oaks.
  7. Tiggy at Shepton Mallet is so friendly and helpful. She is the younger of the SA'a and I love it when she is the one to answer the phone.
  8. Georgina at Shepton Mallet has spent the last half and hour really helping me out. She just told me she is leaving though...
  9. What'cha buying, kezza??
  10. Don't forget Alice , always cheerful and helpful and a few of the older ladies don't know their names tho.....
  11. Alice has known me since I was pregnant with son no 1 - now 13. She's the MOST patient woman and I'm always pleased to see her when I pop down to Shepton.
    Mulberry - thanks for the clarification. You can see how much we value the outlets, the service they provide for those of us not near a store or outlet & the fantastic ability to be able to scoop up gorgeous bags at fantastic prices!
  12. Hi Mulberry

    Just wondering if there is any possibility of implementing a mail order service for customers overseas? I live in Ireland and it is very disappointing that they can't ship here. Is this something you could look into?

    Also, there was a rumour of a Mulberry Outlet opening in Ireland, do you know if this is true?

    Thank you,
  13. Could you please find out if the outlets will ship to Southern Ireland.They ship to Northern Ireland,but have refused to ship to my cousin who lives 5 miles from Northern Ireland!!
  14. I believe that there was a rumour about the Mail Order Services from Outlet Stores being stopped?

    Please tell us this is NOT going to happen.

    You can see that a lot of us rely on this Mail Order Service so it would be a real shame if this service was stopped.
  15. Oh! that is great news. I am so relieved. What will I do if they stopped the mail order service. I have found the staff to be extremely helpful and the bags I have bought, in my opinion have been in excellent condition.

    Great service, great bags!!