CHAT about current prices in US/UK/France...

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  1. Thank you! I did pick up 2 goyard bags at the Goyard inside Printemps (27 May 2019):
    St. Louis PM in Black/Tan @ 835€
    Artois PM in Black/Black @ 1125€. I originally wanted the MM but they were completely sold out.
    FYI: They limit you to one St. Louis per person as well as other popular styles as well.
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  2. I went to the Goyard inside Printemps on 27 May 2019 and they were sold out.
  3. Prices in Paris


    €1.420 for the classic colors, black/black and black/tan
    €1.845 for the limited colors navy and green
    €2.400 for special order colors; red, orange, yellow, light blue, burgundy, white and grey

    Six letters / three stripes
    €150 for matte colors and €300 for metallic.
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  4. Oh wow. They were supposed to have gotten a shipment by then. I don’t when I’ll ever see the bag, but the order is in and I paid for it. Hopefully some day. Congrats on your purchases. I have both. I havent used the st.louis yet but I love my Artois!
  5. I was in NYC this past weekend and was looking at ths Belvedere and Rouette. I love good crossbody bags, and while I love Plumet, I need something bigger. I wasn't paying too close of attention to the prices the SA told me, but I scoured this site and found no US pricing posted. Here is what I've found, and I'd love more info if someone could grant it.

    First in NYC, the pricing I remember is as follows:
    Belvedere II PM in Basic Colors, 2000-2100; Special Colors, 2600 - 2700
    Rouette in Basic Colors, 1900-2000; Special Colors, 2400-2500

    Here is what I've researched on this forum for prices in Europe.
    Rouette, Basic Colors, 1350 Euros; Special Colors, 1755 Euros.
    Belvedere II, MM, Special Colors, 2105 Euros
    Belvedere II, no Size Indicated, Basic Colors, 1620 Euros (guessing based on price, that's the MM).
    Belvedere II, PM, Special Colors (from July 2018), 1800 Euros

    Any different info would be appreciated. I'm making some plans.
  6. Hi! Does anyone know the price of the victoire bi fold wallet in France?

    I’m in nyc and the special colors price was $1055. Wanted to see how it compared. Thanks!
  7. Hi does anyone know the prices in france for a bifold goyard wallet?
  8. Hi,
    Does anyone know the price of Mini Saigon in London? Thanks.
  9. Hi, Does anyone know how much the Senat pouches are going for in Paris? Thank you!
  10. Last October 2018, Senat PM in grey (thus color) in Paris was 545 euros. I do not have a more recent price update than that.
  11. Does anyone know price of mini Saigon in Paris or the mini Anjou tote?
  12. I was just in Paris 2 weeks ago and the Senat PM in black was 420 euros. The cardholders in special colors was 325 euros.
  13. Does anyone know the price for the goyard Matignon wallet in the mini/pm size in japan? Heading there in October and wanted to check it out.
  14. Hi all! Interested in the cap vert in a specia color. Would anyone have the price in euros for special colors? TYA!
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