CHAT about current prices in US/UK/France...

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  1. Congrats! I’m hoping they hve the pm when I go next week
  2. The Plumet in a color was 915 euro in Paris and the PM Anjou in Noir was 1,690 euro.
  3. I’ve just got one in white in japan, abt 220.000¥, so i thought maybe 2000$ in us
  4. This is not correct. I called the Goyard standalone store in Miami, and was quoted Artois MM price is 1945 for classic color and 2530 for special color. I would suggest you buy from the standalone store since you probably won’t be charged for tax if your state doesn’t have the Goyard store.
  5. 4/27/19 over at Beverly Hills.
    Senat PM in Classic ($615.00)
    Senat PM in Special ($800.00)
    Foulard N3 Vert/Rose ($615.00)

    Also, if anyone is interested in the pink Goyard goods they have some right now at the Beverly Hills location.
    While I am not familiar with the price, they did have the PM and GM of the St. Louis and the Artois (I think that's what the other one was).
  6. anyone know current prices of anjou and artois (black, mm) in paris? going to france next week and debating between one of these or faure le page... tia!
  7. I just purchased a st Louis PM from Barneys NY in special color gray and it is now $1595. I have a bellachasse and wanted another one and that appears to have gone up too but I couldnt recall. Will post again once I get that!
  8. I just bought the Anjou GM in black and that was 1990 euro
  9. Hi everyone- I am heading to UK/Europe this upcoming weekend. Would it be cheaper to buy Goyard in London or Paris? Thank you!
  10. Paris pricing end of April 2019 (euro)

    Rouette PM bag in grey - 1755 (anyone know the price in the US?)
    Black Cartes st Pierre - 435
  11. Definitely Paris if you are based in the US. The conversion rate with the euro is much stronger.
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  12. Goyard Saint Sulpice € 260 (Milan boutique)
  13. Cap vert is 1600 in black in US. I had a friend in London try and they only had navy and burgundy and then a friend in Paris try a week later and they had absolutely none in any color. Another friend tried Paris again today and they still have none. I finally gave up and purchased on the waitlist in the US :smile:
  14. Cap vert is the most difficult bag to buy in Paris.
    Price is 1300 euro special color, 950 black
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  15. Does anyone have information on the current selling prices on the St Lucie in Paris?
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