CHAT about current prices in US/UK/France...

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  1. Does anyone knows the price for minauderie classic color & special color in Paris?

  2. St louis pm classic color 835€
    St louis pm special colors 1085€
    St louis gm classic 970€
    St louis gm special color 1260€
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  3. Hi! Can someone please share the classic color and special color prices of the Goyard Boeing 45 in Paris?VAT refund rate would be super helpful too. Thank you!
  4. Does anyone know the price of the Saigon mini (classic color)in US?
  5. Diane picnic bag: USD 5730
    St. Leger: black/black, black/tan USD 2380, navy/grey USD 3090
    Capetien: black/black, black/tan USD 2180, navy/grey USD 2830
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  6. Would anyone know the current price of Saint Marc cardholder in classic color? Tia
  7. Anjou tote PM in grey $3035 US
    Senat pouch MM in black $965 US
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  8. Does anyone know how much the Senat is going for in Paris? Pref the MM size? TIA!
  9. Anyone know the current prices for a goyard passport holder is? The one with two sides and the credit card slots. Thank you!
  10. Does anyone know the current price for the Cap Vert in the classic colors? Thank you!
  11. Hi everyone - just sharing a few US prices from the SF store:

    Artois PM Black -- $1,655
    Artois PM special colors -- $2,150

    Artois MM Black -- $1,945
    Artois MM special colors -- $2,530

    St. Louis PM Black -- $1,225
    St. Louis PM special colors -- $1,595

    St. Louis GM Black -- $1,425
    St. Louis GM special colors -- $1,855

    Victoire Wallet (White, Orange, Green, Navy Blue & Sky Blue) -- $1,055 - I believe this is for the compact version
  12. Does anyone know the price of Bellechasse Biaude? both classic and special color~~ still haven't decide green or black yet

    Do not think prices have changed since. Also, classic colors will be 30% less.
  14. The Cap Vert has been discontinued.
  15. That us true, but some stores may still have some in stock.