CHAT about current prices in US/UK/France...

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  1. Does anyone know the price of the cap vert in black please?
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  3. Hi anybody know the current price of st louis gm& pm in London? Thanks!
  4. I visited a boutique a few months ago and I believe it was 1600 then. The special colors run around 2000 as I recall.
  5. I would love to pick up a senat pouch. I am in the US. Does anyone know what the small and medium ones run? Not the mini. TYA!
  6. Does anyone know the price of the Artois PM and MM in London? Thanks in advance!
  7. London prices (as of last week):
    St louis PM - Black: £780; Special colours: £1015 (not sure about MM, sorry!)
    Artois PM - Black: £1050 (not sure about special colours and MM)
  8. Does anyone know if it is more expensive to get Goyard in Japan or Singapore?
  9. Anyone have prices for the cardholders in Japan ?
  10. Hello hello! I know this has been asked several times, but I just couldn't get the most updated information.

    Can anyone advise the price of St Louis GM in both classic and special colours in Paris and London? I'm getting different information online and would need to decide before I leave London.

    Thanks in advance!
  11. Thanks for replying! :smile:
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  12. How much are the passport holders? US price?
  13. Goyard Artois MM in Paris as of 7/21/18 €1325. After vat refund of 12%, €1166 or $1368.
  14. Does anyone know prices of goyard bifold wallets in Paris ? Debating between a goyard and Fauré le Page and a vacation of course.....
  15. Hi,
    Does anyone know the price of Goyard St. Louis tote black in Paris? Price including vat (before the vat refund)?
    Is it cheaper in London or Paris ?
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