CHAT about current prices in US/UK/France...

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  1. Last April (2017), in Paris, I bought a red Bellechasse PM (the redesigned version) for 1,665 Euros. That included 20% VAT (got 12% back after Global Blue took their processing fee).
  2. Can any one advise what the price in USD was for the St Louis GM prior to Feb 01?
  3. I think it was closer to 1385 or so. 1495 for a classic color is very expensive...
    was there a price increase in Europe/france too?
  4. Not sure if Europe got the increase too. For US, that's is a $110 increase since I bought my St Louis GM in late 2016, so less than 2 years. Non classic colours are now $1935 Usd!!
  5. Went to Goyard London yesterday and was possibly the worst shopping experience of my life. Walked in with my sister and daughter and was completely ignored by all 7-8 Sales Assistant. No acknowledgement or not even a "Welcome". I asked a question regarding the St Louis Tote but was given one word answers which seemed like too much effort. I know Goyard prides itself on brand exclusivity and for certain types of clientele (probably White or wealthy Middle Eastern) it appears that it is not for ethnic or black clients. Horrid, horrid experience.
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  6. I've never seen this occur in Paris or in the US Boutiques I've visited. I recommend you contact the London store and share your experience.
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  7. Thank you, I plan to contact head office/Corporate on this. This store has some pretty poor reviews on Google.
  8. I think that's the way to go. They need to know, for sure as that should not happen at all.
  9. Hi anyone know how much St Louis GM special colours is currently in France?
  10. Can anyone confirm price on St Louis in classic colors in US?
  11. St. Louis Classic Colors (U.S.):
    PM: $1280
    GM: $1490

    St. Louis Special Colors (U.S.):
    PM: $1665
    GM: $1935
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    I'm worried now, because I'm planning to buy a black/black St. Louis GM or Artois MM when I visit in June. Does anyone know what are the retail prices in London and Paris?
  13. Anyone know the current price for Belvedere PM in classic colors in US?
  14. Does anyone know the current price for Anjou PM in classic colors, in either London or Paris? I'll be in both countries in May and this bag has piqued my interest.

    I tried emailing Paris yesterday to get the price, and was politely informed that "the value of our creations is provided exclusively at our comptoirs." So they refused to give me any prices. I'm very torn with this brand - the exclusivity is appealing on some level, but refusing to give me a price for something I want to buy from you is a complete turn off.
  15. Its stated above.
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