CHAT about current prices in US/UK/France...

  1. What is the current price of the St Louis GM is USD?
  2. Hi! Does anyone here know how much the Boeing 45 costs in Paris? Tia!
  3. My brother lives in Germany (in the military) and I am trying to get him to buy a Goyard for me in Paris because and have it shipped to me. I had been thinking of having them ship it to him in Germany. Apparently he has a special VAT tax form that he can have them fill out, but he says he has to be there in person to have them fill it out in person. Has anyone had experience with them filling out the VAT form? Or how does it work if they ship?

    BTW I just received an email message from Goyard that Red T2 and Green T6 St. Louis is back ordered until mid-September. Took a few weeks for them to get back to me. Fingers crossed my purchase will all work out. I want my Goyard AND my VAT tax!
  4. Anyone know about the current price St. Louis PM in Paris? special and standard colour.
  5. I just email them regarding another bag. prices are still the same since June.
  6. anyone know the price of St. Louis PM in shanghai?
  7. Does anyone know the current price for St. Louis PM black/black in the USA? I have emailed Goyard SF but have not heard back.
    Thanks for the help!
  8. I am off to procure another batch of Goyard bags next month! These are the prices I have for the St Louis. They told me that prices will not change before 1 Jan 2013.

    GM size:
    Traditional Cols : Euro 800
    Special Cols: Euro 1,040

    PM size:
    Traditional Cols: Euro 700
    Special Cols: Euro 910
  9. just picked up a Boeing 45 yesterday at Goyard London for £1840 (VAT refund will be £241)
  10. Help !! Is there a Goyard boutique in Seoul Korea or in the airport ??? many thanks !!
  11. Hi - Anyone know of Goyard's prices in Taipei? Is it cheaper compared to Hongkong?
  12. Does anyone know the price of Sac Hardy in France? Tnxs
  13. Think there's one at the galleria. No goyard in duty free
  14. Does anyone know the latest price of the St Louis GM in both the States as well as Paris? Both the classic colours as well as the special ones? Thanks.
  15. does anyone know the price of a croisiere 50 in the states?