CHAT about current prices in US/UK/France...

  1. how mcuh would it cost Croisiere 45 (basic colors) and Croisiere 45 (special colors)
  2. So the price below for the St louis pm & gm are w taxes already? How much tax can you claim & get back if you are a tourist?

  3. ^ VAT refund of 12% generally

  4. Hi,

    Just wondering if Paris actually takes order via phone or email? Cos is sent an email to them last month and they have yet to reply me.

    Also, what's the courier charge?

    Thanks everyone!
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    I emailed Paris last week and received an answer within 1 business day. I would resend!
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    i received reply from London today:

    "The St. Louis is £ 540 in all colors in PM including vat, once shipped to you we will deduct 17% . the shipping cost to Singapore is £ 85"

    shipping is so so ex!!
  7. Just a little update, I added recent european pricetags (including taxes) for the whole Croisière-line and the Grand Blue.

  8. The St Louis PM cost GBP540 now. The price has changed recently , it is Goyard first price increase in three years.
  9. I wonder the Eur430(without tax) that Paris store quoted me right after Christmas is already revised price?
  10. Anyone know retail for the Marie Gallante GM? TIA!

  11. Hi, I'm from Singapore too! I think it's still more worth it to order from London because even if we pay 7% GST, there's still a 10% off! :p
    Do you know what the Paris rates are like? :S
    And do you know if the 85pds for shipping is for one piece or will multiple pieces still be shipped at that rate? :smile:
  12. Ahh sorry! Just read that its Eur 430. :sweatdrop:
  13. does anyone know the current price for a Jeanne MM? :flowers:
  14. Just got email that the price is EUR485 (without tax) for St Louis PM.
  15. 2010 price list: St Louis PM is GBP540,GM is GBP640,inclusive of VAT.